What is an Online Travel Agency (OTA)?

A travel agency is defined as a website that provides travel-related items such as airline tickets, automobile rentals, cruises, experiences, and lodgings.

Vacation rental managers would use online travel agencies (OTAs) that specialize in renting short-term lodging to tourists. Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor Rentals, Vrbo, Expedia, and FlipKey are just a few of the well-known OTAs in this area.

What Is the Operation of Online Travel Agencies?

An OTA enables travel industry providers, such as vacation rental owners and managers, to market and promote their goods for a fee.

The channels profit from each sale by charging a commission. Rates and pricing for OTAs vary per platform, with commissions ranging from 3% to 25%.

How Do I List My Rentals on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)?

Though each OTA has its own set of rules, the majority will lead you through a straightforward sign-up procedure in which you’ll communicate information about your rental, construct a listing description, upload images of your rental, check off the amenities you offer, and establish your fees.

How Is the Booking Process Constructed?

Once the procedure is complete, you may post your listings and wait for booking requests to come in unless you’ve permitted visitors to book your homes quickly without needing your permission. You will get straight bookings rather than requests in this situation.

While travelers often look for rentals based on the date, location, and several people in their party, they may apply other criteria such as room type, amenities, and facilities.

The channel’s inbox will be used to communicate with potential visitors. Once a booking is made, visitors may access the contact information you’ve supplied and contact you directly by phone, email, or SMS.

How Do I Get Paid for Bookings Made Through Online Travel Agents (OTAs)?

Payment rules vary considerably across networks. While some channels will handle payments on your behalf and subsequently release your income share at a specified point during the reservation, others may let you process payments independently. Hosts can choose how they desire to be compensated (i.e., via credit card or bank transfer).

How Can I Obtain Reviews?

Following their departure, it’s a good idea to politely urge that they leave a review on the original booking channel since prospective visitors often base their booking selections on the evaluations of previous guests. The channel may contact visitors on your behalf and request ratings in certain circumstances.

You will often be requested to rate your visitors since guest evaluations help hosts determine the trustworthiness and responsibility of potential guests before accepting their booking requests.

Use multiple OTA’s

Listing on multiple sites can be a stressful experience, trying to manage multiple calendars. Making sure that you do not get any double bookings can take time out of your day, taking you away from being able to focus on other more important things. That is why we recommend using a channel manager to manage all of your listings in one place.