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Croatian Wedding Practices


Croatia includes a unique culture and several wedding customs that make it an appealing vacation spot to get married. From ancient castles and seashores to cultural architecture and Byzantine fine art, there https://theconversation.com/does-it-really-empower-women-to-expect-them-to-make-the-first-move-175032 are a lot of good consider a Croatian wedding.

Honking the horns on the way to the bride’s property is one of the more enjoyable wedding customs in Croatia. Because the groom’s side for the family drives over to the bride’s residence (usually about 2pm or so), everyone in a vehicle will start honking their horns as they drive down the road.

Generally this will only become the groom’s side of your family, nevertheless it’s common for other cars to participate on the honking too. This is a fun way to signify https://russiansbrides.com/croatian-women/ the big day and possess the few how much their friends and home care!

Barjaktar: The flag carrier

A barjaktar is a person who waves the Croatian flag on their method to the formal procedure. They are a critical part of the marriage and have a history of being excessive, funny, and crazy.

Also, they are called a banner holder, and they hold a particular role each and every Croatian wedding party. They may wave the Croatian flag throughout the procession, whooping and yelling to media hype the wedding get together up.


Rakija – the good drink

If you’re planning on having a Croatian marriage, make sure you know how to order a rakija, which is the popular liquor. It’s a strong and alcohol-rich drink that is available in bottles with the Croatian checkered cockade on it.