Having to hunker down in my California home during the Covid-19 “Shelter-In-Place” restrictions lead to frustration & boredom very quickly. I needed something to take my mind off all of the negativity that I and millions of other people were feeling across the world. I am a web designer by profession and thought about some sort of online Entertainment platform that would have an array of Online Interactive things like: (Radio Stations, Music Videos, Relationship Advice Videos, Vegas Casino Games, Breaking Entertainment & Sports News, Classic T.V, DIY Videos, Latest Movie Trailers, Food Recipe Videos, Local & Far Away Events, Non-Profit Causes, Covid-19 Info Updates, Arcade Games, etc).

UXEI was created with those things in mind. The website would have to hold my attention, be fun & informative as well. Since it’s inception on June 8th, 2020, UXEI has grown to over 33,000 plus page visits per week, and over 100,000 plus page visits per month Worldwide. I add unique video/music content on a daily basis to keep things fresh and fun to watch & listen to. Check Out What People Are Saying About UXEI… Hope You All Visit, & Bookmark The Site…

Have Fun & Stay Safe!

Contact Info:
Ty Armstrong Sr – Founder, UXEI
Website: http://uxentertainment.info
Email: info@uxentertainment.info
Phone: 1.805.556.5231