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Turbo VPN Expands its Server Network to 111 Locations, Significantly Boosting Cybersecurity


SINGAPOREJuly 2, 2024 /7Newswire — Turbo VPN, provider of the world’s fastest and most secure VPN connections, today announced a substantial expansion of its server network. Its number of available server locations has surged from over 50 to 111, marking a substantial growth in the company’s ability to deliver the powerful online protection it’s become known for.

This expansion won’t come a day too early. The 2023 Cybersecurity Ventures Cybercrime Report revealed that global cybercrime damages are expected to reach USD 8 trillion annually. By 2025, this figure is predicted to soar to USD 10.5 trillion, with global cybersecurity spending exceeding USD 1.75 trillion.

Turbo VPN is addressing these alarming statistics by providing users with improved protection through an expanded network. The increased number of server locations not only offers more options for changing IP addresses but also ensures faster, more reliable connections regardless of a user’s location. This development is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to secure their online activities and access geo-blocked content without compromising speed or reliability.

In conjunction with its server expansion, Turbo VPN has introduced a new feature on its official website: ‘What is my IP address?’ This completely free tool allows users to easily check their IP addresses and understand any potential vulnerabilities. By making the feature freely available, Turbo VPN aims to widen the use of secure browsing practices.

“The digital space is an increasingly perilous place for everyone,” says spokesman at Turbo VPN. “We are intent on providing users with the tools and resources they need to protect themselves properly. Encrypting data via protocols like IPSec, TLS, and SSL, we secure everything from business and personal websites to private conversations and banking transactions. The web can be a hazardous place, but it doesn’t need to be.”

With their expanded VPN server network and the introduction of ‘What is my IP address?’, Turbo VPN will help users experience the web most securely and hopefully prevent them from becoming part of yet another frightening set of cybersecurity statistics.

For more information about Turbo VPN, please visit [www.turbovpn.com]

About Turbo VPN:

Turbo VPN, downloaded by over 300,000,000 users, is a world-leading provider of the most secure and fastest VPN connections. Founded in Singapore, Turbo VPN is focused on connecting the world safely through its use of cutting-edge technologies.