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TrustArc Announces Groundbreaking AI & Privacy Innovations


SAN FRANCISCOMarch 27, 2024 /7Newswire — TrustArc, a leader in data privacy management and governance solutions, is proud to announce two revolutionary product innovations set to transform the privacy landscape – Responsible AI Certification and NymityAI. Both will be available beginning March 27, 2024.

These product launches reinforce TrustArc’s commitment to helping businesses implement responsible artificial intelligence (AI) practices via a verified and credible methodology, as well as bolster their privacy program management with the most comprehensive legal research application available via NymityAI.

“We’re witnessing a pivotal era where the sheer capability of and possibilities with AI continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. By enabling our clients to tackle this powerful technology head-on, using a core set of common controls and requirements, TrustArc is leading the charge in shaping a future where technology and ethical responsibility go hand in hand,” said Val Ilchenko, TrustArc General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer.

Groundbreaking Responsible AI Governance Certification

The TRUSTe Responsible AI Certification is the first AI certification focused explicitly on data protection and privacy. Incorporating principles of the EU AI Act, NIST AI Risk Management Framework, ISO:42001, and OECD AI Principles offers a clear framework for companies aiming to comply with core principles of responsible AI. The certification gives organizations a distinctive advantage as early adopters in AI data governance and demonstrates responsible AI handling. In advance of the Responsible AI Certification launch, significant industry interest has been built with privacy pioneers such as DoubleVerify, Dun & Bradstreet, Integral Ad Science, and ZoomInfo.

Kevin Alvero, Chief Compliance Officer for Integral Ad Science, announced their commitment to the initiative, “Adhering to TrustArc’s Responsible AI Certification isn’t just about compliance; it’s about affirming our dedication to ethical AI practices. IAS infuses the power of AI into all aspects of our products to drive performance for our customers, and this certification is a testament to our promise to uphold transparency, fairness, security, and accountability as we leverage AI technologies.”

Introducing NymityAI – Your Privacy Co-Pilot

In concert with a commitment to responsible AI, TrustArc is granting exclusive beta access to NymityAI — a new feature within Nymity Research. Designed to exponentially streamline the privacy research process, NymityAI equips professionals with critical information in a fraction of the time typically required. This AI-powered chatbot is a first-of-its-kind, powered by two decades of expert-written content, including 46,000 legal summaries and references and thousands of jurisdiction-specific topical overviews. NymityAI allows users to work smarter by providing actionable, succinct, and easy-to-understand privacy and regulatory answers, irrespective of privacy or legal expertise. Responses include citations to the original Nymity content source so users can feel confident in the information provided by the chatbot.

“NymityAI is more than a time-saver. It’s the new standard for legal research in privacy, providing unparalleled insights and accelerating the learning curve,” said K Royal, co-host of the Serious Privacy podcast.

Eligible beta users can access NymityAI chat from anywhere within the TrustArc platform, creating a convenient way to get answers to privacy questions anytime without leaving the platform. NymityAI Beta is now available for Nymity Research customers. A beta waitlist for a free trial sign-up is available here.

TrustArc Showcase at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2024

TrustArc proudly announces its participation in the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C., on April 2 – 4. This premier event gathers industry experts and practitioners worldwide to explore data privacy trends, challenges, and opportunities. TrustArc invites all attendees to visit Booth 316 at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit to discover firsthand how the company is shaping the future of AI and privacy technology.

About TrustArc

As a leader in data privacy, TrustArc automates and simplifies the creation of end-to-end privacy management programs for global organizations. TrustArc is the only company to deliver depth of privacy intelligence, coupled with automation, essential for the growing number of privacy regulations in an ever-changing digital world. Headquartered in San Francisco and backed by a global team across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, TrustArc helps customers worldwide demonstrate compliance, minimize risk, and build trust. For additional information, visit www.trustarc.com.