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The Truffle Family: Sabatino Introduces New Brand Identity


Evolution Preserves Italian Heritage and Captures Culinary Legacy of 110-Year-Old Global Brand

WEST HAVEN, Conn.Jan. 20, 2024 /7Newswire — A new chapter of Sabatino Tartufi (known simply as Sabatino) has begun. Sabatino, a cherished name synonymous with truffle excellence since 1911, proudly unveils its new brand identity. This transformation celebrates the brand’s century-old legacy, its recommitment to a family unearthing the best ways to enjoy the truffle, and an embrace of a dynamic new suite of brand assets, including a new logo, reimagined website and more.

At the heart of this rebrand is the unveiling of a new Sabatino logo, marking a bold move for a company that has thrived on tradition for over 110 years. “No detail was overlooked,” said Federico Balestra, Sabatino’s C.E.O. and third-generation family owner, highlighting the meticulous approach to the brand evolution. “Each element reflects a dedication to preserving tradition while embracing a dynamic and modern identity for the future.” From the foundational letters used to the shapes they form and the words they create, each detail respectfully nods to the truffles at the foundation of Sabatino’s legacy of excellence.

The evolution of Sabatino includes ushering in new brand assets as well as a deepening of all that makes the family brand so special:

A New Look: A Symbol of Heritage and Elegance
Sabatino’s refined logo is a work of art, embodying the deep connection to truffles, the rich Italian heritage dating back to 1911, and the lush landscapes of the Umbria region of Italy. Sabatino’s monogram has been carefully crafted to visually represent the origin story of truffles and the story of its growth within the roots of a tree. Sabatino Tartufi has been streamlined to ‘Sabatino,’ and the ‘The Truffle Family’ identity is introduced, a nod to the rich history that defines this culinary institution. The color palette of black, white, and gold exudes sophistication, paying homage to the luxury of truffles and the Italian heritage Sabatino holds dear.

Truffle Runs Deep in Our Family
Sabatino’s story began in 1911 when Sabatino Balestra and his wife Giuseppina opened a cozy store front in the heart of Umbria. This humble venture evolved into a destiny entwined with truffles, igniting a passion for unearthing these treasures – known as “diamonds of the earth” and “gems of the kitchen” – and crafting from them premium truffle products. Today, Sabatino is the global truffle expert, still guided by the warmth of family ownership, preserved values and traditions, and an enduring passion for the art of truffle. Sabatino remains dedicated to sourcing only the finest truffles, offering a delicious range of premium truffle products.

Our World is Made of Truffle
Sabatino stands as a world-renowned expert in truffles, proudly represented by manufacturing facilities in Umbria, Italy, and West Haven, Connecticut. Sabatino’s strategic offices span across EuropeAsia, and the United States, ensuring global accessibility of the truffle experience. Trusted by renowned chefs worldwide.

“Even after 110 years, our truffle journey is merely beginning, and we wholeheartedly invite you to join us. With just a touch of truffle, you can experience the enchantment of one of the world’s rarest and most cherished delicacies,” continued Balestra, C.E.O. and grandson of founder Sabatino Balestra.

What’s on the Horizon
Don’t miss Sabatino’s unveiling at the Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, exhibiting from January 21-23. We encourage all attendees to visit Booth 2904 and savor the magic of our truffles. For more information about Sabatino and the rebrand, please visit the newly revitalized www.sabatinotruffles.com.

About Sabatino
Discover the magic of truffles with Sabatino, the world’s largest truffle specialist based in Montecastrilli, Italy, and West Haven, CT. Family-owned and operated for generations, Sabatino offers a premium selection of the finest truffle species and high-quality truffle products. Trusted by renowned chefs worldwide, Sabatino’s products are also available to consumers, allowing them to bring the enchantment of truffles to their own kitchen. Sabatino is guided by family stewardship, preserved values and traditions, and an enduring passion for the art of truffle. Join us in the next chapter of this century-old culinary journey by visiting www.sabatinotruffles.com.