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The Prosperity Agenda is now offering its family coaching training program at no cost to selected Mississippi human services organizations


JACKSON, Miss.March 24, 2024 /7NewswireThe Prosperity Agenda is providing training scholarships for four employees at five human services and workforce development organizations across Mississippi. The scholarships, made possible through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation covers the cost of virtual training on the Family-Centered Coaching (FCC) framework through an Intensive Training Cohort. Organizations who are not eligible or not selected can also register for the cohort directly here.

“This framework equips organizations with the tools and skills necessary to effectively support families on their journey towards financial security,” said Jomaris DeJesus, Executive Director of The Prosperity Agenda. “Mississippi’s families have struggled for far too long with high poverty rates. They need proven methods and effective steps that they can take to overcome the socio-economic obstacles that have been put in their path.”

FCC is a proven methodology that empowers staff in the field of human services to address the holistic needs of families. Many low-income families in Mississippi face multiple barriers to employment, such as lack of affordable childcare, transportation issues, and limited access to job training. Addressing these barriers requires a holistic Family-Centered Coaching approach that provides a more comprehensive support system and connects families with more relevant resources and support services.

“By investing in the professional development of human services organizations, we can make significant strides towards alleviating poverty and fostering economic empowerment across Mississippi,” said DeJesus, The Prosperity Agenda. “The entire focus of this training is on the outcomes for families and communities. Our goal is that it leads to lasting employment and financial security for each family and their children—creating a more prosperous future for all Mississippians.”

Human services organizations interested in taking the training at no cost can learn more and apply on this link. Applications close on April 5, 2024, registration closes May 7 and training begins on May 17.

Selected organizations will have the opportunity to participate in a transformative program that not only provides comprehensive training but also fosters collaboration within a supportive network of human services coaches.

Through our training and technical assistance, we are committed to helping organizations implement systemic change, from leadership to frontline staff, to better serve the communities they support.

Key Elements of Family-Centered Coaching (FCC) 

  • Centers on Family: Coaches use FCC to bring the strength, motivation, and support of family into the coaching conversation.

  • Integrates Case Management: FCC integrates case management into a fluid practice of service that centers on a coaching mindset.

  • Bakes in Equity: FCC recognizes that equity is integral to the process of coaching as well as a necessary outcome to work towards.

Benefits of the Program

  • Deepens how organizations center on the experience of families/participants.
  • Fosters a shared language that supports collaboration.
  • Builds greater empathy within teams and throughout the organization.
  • Breaks down organizational silos.
  • Increases the sense of purpose among staff.
  • Honors families as they report that they are making progress on their goals.

How FCC Addresses Barriers to Employment and Financial Security

  • Understanding the Whole Family: This approach takes into account the entire family’s needs, strengths, and goals, not just the individual seeking employment. By understanding family dynamics, coaches can identify barriers to employment that may be related to childcare, transportation, or other family responsibilities.

  • Customized Support: FCC provides personalized support based on the unique needs of each family. This can include assistance with job training, education, financial planning, and access to community resources. Tailoring support to each family’s situation can lead to more sustainable employment outcomes.

  • Building Trust and Engagement: By focusing on the family as a unit, coaches can build stronger relationships with clients, leading to higher levels of trust and engagement. This can increase the likelihood of clients following through with job training programs and other employment-related activities.

  • Empowering Families: This approach emphasizes the empowerment of families to set their own goals and make decisions that are best for them. By involving families in the planning process, they are more likely to be invested in the outcomes and take proactive steps toward achieving better jobs.

  • Long-term Support: FCC can include ongoing support, even after a family member has secured employment. This can help ensure that the individual is able to maintain their job and continue to progress in their career.

Contact:  Barbara Cotto, Senior Coaching Manager
Email: barbara@theprosperityagenda.org
Phone: (206) 413-8962
Website: theprosperityagenda.org

The Prosperity Agenda builds the prosperity of families receiving human services by advancing participant-centered practices at community-based agencies. We view prosperity as not just financial assets, but the rich social connections, power to direct one’s future, and the opportunities that contribute to personal and community wellbeing. We accomplish this by equipping agencies to adopt approaches that center and connect participants—through learning experiences, evaluation, and a national network of partners. We gather and promote participant experience, insight, and data to advocate for family-centered funding and innovation.

SOURCE The Prosperity Agenda