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BERWYN, Pa.March 12, 2024 /7Newswire — In a groundbreaking success story, SandBOND™, a cutting-edge and cost-effective non-resin sand consolidation technology, has proven its prowess in revitalizing a dormant well in Saskatchewan, Canada. The well, which had been offline for over a decade due to persistent sand production issues, underwent a remarkable turnaround after a single SandBOND™ treatment.

The Challenge:
The operator faced challenges associated with sand flowback and had designated the well for plug and abandonment (P&A) after being inactive for more than 10 years.

The Solution:
The TenEx Innovation Team rose to the challenge, designing a cost- effective treatment using their patent-pending SandBOND™ technology. The treatment was meticulously tailored to the specific conditions of the reservoir based on lab testing with produced sand, oil and water samples from the treated well.

Extensive testing by the R&D team, encompassing sand consolidation, regain permeability, mechanical integrity and fluid compatibility at reservoir conditions, demonstrated the effectiveness of SandBOND™. The results showcased that SandBOND™ and the activator, at recommended concentrations, consolidated the formation sand, maintaining ~100% regain permeability without the need for pre-flush or post-flush procedures.

Operationally, the treatment involved pumping SandBOND™ and the activator with produced water using standard oilfield pressure pumping trucks. The entire process was executed within a rapid five-minute timeframe, effectively eliminating sand production from the unconsolidated sandstone formation with shale mix.

The success of SandBOND™ was evident in the well’s rapid revitalization, consistently producing at a stable rate of ~600 BPD with up to 15 BOPD, and zero sand flowback post-treatment. This transformative innovation turned the well from a liability into a valuable asset for the operator.

SandBOND™ not only resolved integrity challenges but also optimized pump efficiency and navigated complexities associated with deviated well angles. The absence of post-treatment sand indications underscores the technology’s success, establishing SandBOND™ as a game-changer in redefining sand control management in the oil and gas industry.

“We are very proud of the results driven by our innovative non-traditional sand control technology! This dormant well was converted from a liability cost to a profitable, revenue-generating asset for our customer. The successful outcome aligns with our Mission to pioneer tailored chemical technologies for the most significant challenges in O&G, that generate a true return for our customers!” -Miguel Peña, CEO.

This success story highlights the potential of SandBOND™ to convert abandoned wells into productive assets, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution to sand flowback challenges in the oil and gas sector.

TenEx Technologies pioneers a suite of exceptional and proprietary materials-based chemical technologies to revolutionize the oil & gas industry by focusing on generating the lowest cost per barrel, using innovative and cost-effective products that can be tailored to every reservoir. TenEx develops its products in its very own state-of-the-art full-service laboratory.

Note: SandBOND™ is a trademark of TenEx Technologies.

SOURCE TenEx Technologies, LLC