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SAN FRANCISCOMay 2, 2024 /7Newswire — Account-based platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today announced the launch of Command Center, the company’s interactive ABM dashboard that unifies buying signals into a single and easy-to-understand interface. Command Center, which is now generally available, connects insights to actions and allows users to take next best actions directly in the tool, ultimately driving pipeline and impacting bottom lines.

While many teams are eager to adopt ABM, finding success in its execution has proven to be challenging. Only a handful of companies have successfully implemented ABM to gain a strategic edge in the competitive landscape because of an absence of clear guidance and established best practices. RollWorks is changing that with Command Center.

Command Center provides a visualization of account status and progress. It identifies an average of 15,000 in-market accounts that each customer can take action on. ABM marketers can now quickly recognize which stages accounts are in within their own buying journey and are dynamically recommended best next actions based on buying signals, fit, and engagement behaviors. And finally, marketers can directly execute these recommended actions within the Command Center itself, eliminating the need to navigate elsewhere within the platform.

“ABM is critical for fostering growth, especially for marketers seeking enhanced performance and increased budgets,” said Vibhor Kapoor, Chief Business Officer at NextRoll. “Our innovative Command Center makes it easy for our customers to incorporate ABM into their existing strategies, supercharging their success without impacting efficiency.”

Command Center allows users to utilize filter enhancements for more tailored insights, including filtering by Fit Models and Intent Data. Not only that, but unique “action cards” within Command Center present users with three dynamically updated cards that highlight best practice actions for capturing demand and engaging high-potential accounts. Further, Command Center is seamless and automatic – updating to reflect the number of accounts at each stage of the customized buyer’s journey.

“By consolidating our intent insights into a single reliable source, the RollWorks Command Center has significantly streamlined our workstreams,” said Mike Holihan, Senior Director of Demand Generation, Power Factors. “It automatically prioritizes target accounts in real time and allows for their immediate integration into campaigns, eliminating the need for manual exports, spreadsheet handoffs, and other cumbersome processes. This not only saves time but also enhances our alignment with the sales team, enabling more timely account outreach that improves our ABM efficiency.”

Command Center is available now and will automatically be available to ABM and Advanced Advertising plans at no additional cost. For more information on Command Center and how RollWorks can help you efficiently acquire, retain and expand your revenue, visit www.rollworks.com.

About RollWorks

At RollWorks, we get buyers. We’ve spent 15 years collecting and refining 4.2 billion digital profiles, representing the most comprehensive and trustworthy buyer dataset on the market. We use AI and machine learning to turn buyer data into actionable insights and help customers activate those insights to drive full-funnel outcomes using our exceptional native B2B advertising product and integrations into 24 additional marketing and sales tools. By marrying cutting-edge buyer data, insights, and activation capabilities with our industry-leading ease of use, we enable growth-oriented B2B marketers to deeply understand their buyers and rapidly drive business results. To learn more visit www.rollworks.com.

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