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Raptive and BOMESI Partner to Unlock Large-Scale Investment in Diverse-Owned Media


NEW YORKApril 25, 2024 /7Newswire — Raptive, the creator media company, today announced a strategic partnership with the Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute (BOMESI) to connect advertisers to verified diverse creators at a scale that was previously challenging for advertisers and agency teams to attain.

Raptive is the #1 source* of ad spend on diverse-owned media on the open internet. Today, 58% of total advertiser investment in this category flows to 400+ websites owned by diverse creators and publishers represented by the company. Raptive’s long-term alliance with BOMESI, a leading accelerator and advocate for sustainable investment in Black-owned media, will create a major opportunity for advertisers to partner with diverse creators and efficiently reach incremental, engaged audiences in trusted environments. Raptive’s diverse creators reach 40 million consumers monthly and represent brands across all content verticals.

The partnership enables Raptive clients to access curated media accredited by BOMESI. A portion of participating advertisers’ investment will be allocated to creating new programs and business models for collaboration between brands and diverse creators, which will further enable hundreds of independent media businesses. The companies will also host ancillary programs to expand the number of independent media outlets positioned to conduct business sustainably with the nation’s top advertisers.

Raptive is committed to democratizing the media landscape and leveling the playing field for content creators from underrepresented groups. This strategic partnership will help connect advertisers seeking to activate inclusive investment strategies with successful, diverse creators.

The partnership builds upon Raptive’s Remarkable Voices initiative, which has enabled more than 100 BIPOC content creators to expand their digital brands into a sustainable, owned, and operated presence on the open web. Raptive provides today’s diverse landscape of creators with mentorship, community, and resources to help them monetize, grow, and future-proof their businesses.

BOMESI operates in a unique position, enabling industry partners to come together and contribute to equitable progress toward a shared internet and the right for representative stories to exist across all screens. In an effort to accelerate equitable growth for creators of all backgrounds, the partnership will enable BOMESI to expand its reach across various ongoing and future programs, and strengthen its global impact.  To date, BOMESI has graduated 14 emerging publishers from its 3-month accelerator program, awarded more than $400k in non-dilutive grants, and is launching its third publisher accelerator cohort this month.

“Raptive is committed to free, open, and equal access to the internet. We have a long history of representing diverse creators, amplifying their voices and implementing effective advertising strategies with proven performance on their sites. Reaching underserved audiences in trusted, representative environments is a must-win space for brands. We are thrilled to partner with BOMESI to open up more advertiser investment in diverse creator media to support quality content and connect brands with audiences that will drive the future of their success,” said Marla Newman, Raptive’s Executive Vice President of Sales. 

“BOMESI is the leading ecosystem creating revenue opportunities for Black and Diverse-owned media. Raptive is a preeminent supporter of inclusive and transparent media buying practices. Working with us means partners like Raptive can drive more advertising investment at scale from brands and agencies to the creators those dollars are intended for,” said DeVon Christopher Johnson, BOMESI CoFounder and CEO.

About Raptive
Raptive is a new kind of media company built for content creators, and home to one of the largest and most diverse audiences on the internet.  Raptive combines its position as the world’s largest ad management company with a comprehensive suite of monetization, audience and business solutions that enable creators to turn their passions and talents into thriving independent companies and enduring brands. This creator-first model has paid creators $2.5 billion to date and propelled Raptive to become a top 10 online media property globally and #1 in Food, Family, Home, and Lifestyle and #2 in Travel. Raptive is a premier partner to advertisers seeking authentic engagement with diverse and passionate audiences. To learn more about Raptive’s efforts to build a sustainable future for the internet, visit Raptive.com.

The Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute (BOMESI) was created to unite and advance Black-owned media businesses, educate the public on the importance of these platforms, and provide resources to increase visibility. As a beacon for Black communities for over 190 years, Black-owned media outlets have stood on the front line for issues such as voting rights, civil rights, unionization, education equity, healthcare disparities, and much more. BOMESI remains steadfast in our mission to create an environment for Black voices to be seen and heard, starting with our curated public database of Black-owned media companies across the country.

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