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RapDev Awarded Patent for 'CSDM as Code' Solution for PaaS Environments


BOSTONApril 17, 2024 /7NewswireRapDev has been awarded its first patent for CSDM as Code, a configuration management tool tailored for Platform as a Service (PaaS) environments. With this milestone, RapDev, a leading provider of site reliability and DevOps engineering solutions, marks its commitment to furthering the engineering development landscape within the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Resident engineers Jon GiaraLyndsey Cohen, and Dor Vaknin have designed CSDM as Code to simplify and accelerate the management of Configuration Management Database (CMDB) entities. The tool ensures completeness and accuracy without burdening application teams with manual tasks. By leveraging YAML files within source code repositories, CSDM as Code enables application teams to dynamically register Microservices and Application Services directly into the CMDB, ensuring accuracy and completeness without cumbersome or error-prone manual interventions.

“This patent represents a major advancement in streamlining CMDB management,” says Jon Giara, ServiceNow Architect at RapDev. “With CSDM as Code, organizations can automate registration, gain enhanced visibility into application architectures, and effortlessly generate Tag-Based Service Maps. These benefits are not just about efficiency, but also about unlocking new possibilities and accelerating innovation in software development.”

At the heart of CSDM as Code lies its ability to automate and simplify complex processes, driving significant cost savings and resource optimization for businesses. Powered by an event-based trigger mechanism, CSDM as Code integrates seamlessly with popular source code management platforms like GitHub, Azure DevOps Repos, and GitLab to automate CMDB updates, eliminating the need for manual interventions and reducing the risk of errors.

“CSDM as Code was designed to streamline our customers’ service mapping journeys, reduce manual overhead, and gain a higher level of visibility into Microservices and their upstream and downstream dependencies,” adds Lyndsey Cohen, Senior ServiceNow Engineer. “Our solution offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing organizations to tailor CMDB configurations to their unique needs and drive tangible business impact.”

RapDev invites ServiceNow users to trial CSDM as Code today in the ServiceNow Store and experience the potential of streamlined CMDB management firsthand. To learn more about the tool, read RapDev’s blog post.

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