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Public Education in Central Nebraska


Nebraska, United States: America’s public-school the system is arguably one of its greatest achievements and Nebraska has one of the best public-school systems in the U.S. Districts are governed by locally elected school boards and as of 2013, there were 1,011 regular schools in Nebraska out of a total of 1,090.

Students in Nebraska have high levels of proficiency in math and reading, good average test scores and high graduation rates. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on school enrollment.

Quality Counts report card

The Quality Counts the report card uses different categories to answer the question of where a state ranks for educational opportunities and performance. In 2014 Nebraska received a B average or a score of 83.1% in the category “Chance for Success,” which was above the national average.

In 2020, it also earned a B in this category, ranking 14th in the nation. This category includes factors like the education of parents, K12 proficiency in math and reading, high school graduation rate and percentage of adult employment.

In the category “School Finance,” Nebraska earned a C in 2020 and ranked 24th in the nation. This category relates to factors such as how much schools are spending per pupil, the share of total taxable resources spent on education and how funds are distributed across districts.

Nebraska earned C-minus in the “K12 Achievement Index” category. It includes indicators like how students are performing and how state achievement improves over time.

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The Nation’s report card

States have their own assessments but the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) measures what students across the nation know and can do. It covers 10 different subject areas, including science, math, reading and writing.

Every year a sample of students in grades 4 and 8 drawn from across the country take part in the assessment. Since 1922 schools in Nebraska have participated and the scores of individual students or schools are always kept confidential.

 Math and reading scores

In the 2012-2013 school year, Nebraska had a greater percentage of fourth-grade students scored at or above proficient in math and reading compared to neighbouring state South Dakota, but a lower percentage compared to other neighbouring states Iowa and Kansas.

In 2019, the average fourth-grade math and reading scores were higher than the national score. The average score of eighth-grade students for math and reading were also higher than the national average score. For example, the average score of eighth-grade students in Nebraska was 285 and the average national score was 281.

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Graduation numbers

Nebraska schools reported a graduation rate of 88.5 per cent during the 2012-2013 school year, the second-highest in the country. Graduation rates have remained at a high level since then. However, the pandemic appears to have slightly affected graduation rates in 2020.

At Lincoln public schools (LPS), the second-largest public school district in Nebraska with over 40,000 students, the class of 2020 had a slightly lower graduation rate than the year before. The 82.7% graduation rate dropped from 83.6% the year before.

Officials believe the pandemic has had an effect on graduation numbers in Nebraska because a teachers’ relationship with students is a factor in their success, especially if they struggle with academic content and socio-emotional needs.

Enrollment numbers down

Enrollment at public schools dipped in 2020 as the pandemic caused many parents to home-school their children. It is the first time in 20 years that enrollment in public schools declined in Nebraska.

Nebraska education commissioner Matt Blomstedt said he suspects the decline will correlate with the number of students opting for homeschooling. In some states, children have not been heard from since March 2020 but in Nebraska, students are well-accounted for in either public, private or exempt schools.

A final word

Recent investigations in Nebraska shows that students tend to perform better when they attend school every day than when they learn remotely. The dilemma for educational institutions all over the world is whether to push remote learners back into the classroom while the pandemic poses risks for them. They do not want to put the social and emotional well-being of the children, but they don’t want them to suffer academically either.

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