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Phoenix Real Estate Investment Start-Up Shakes Up Industry


PHOENIXApril 13, 2024 /7Newswire — The residential real estate investment industry is experiencing a major shakeup across the country, as the short list of industry giants who have controlled the market for the last 15 years are suffering massive employee exodus due to poor management, outdated sales tactics and ambitions of a big cashout payday.

“With modern times comes modern expectations. Investment real estate professionals no longer want to work for organizations whose executives or board of directors have their sights set on selling the company out to Wall Street or a VC fund. They’re looking for long term pathways that will enable them to fulfill their entrepreneurial desires, while still being connected to something greater where they have input and control,” said Trey Watson, Founder and CEO at Aurumys. “Building a company with the primary goal of selling out is a poison pill that swiftly rots your culture and confuses priorities, which will ultimately bring even the greatest organizations to their knees. You can’t serve the people if you answer to a board in this particular industry. It’s about the people first”.

Aurumys is an investment real estate brokerage that operates a private marketplace where real estate investors and homeowners buy and sell investment properties. The company’s primary focus is developing top tier talent within their team, which Aurumys believes directly translates to a premium and tailored experience for their investor and homeowner customers. “You can have the best proprietary tech in the world, but if you don’t have great people and you don’t invest in your inner organization, real estate investors will see right through you and you’ll fail your homeowner customers,” claims Trey. The leadership team at Aurumys brings decades of high frequency transactional experience to the table, having climbed the ladders of the industry’s top firms.

In less than 1 year, Aurumys has expanded to 6 states and over 80 employees, with brick-and-mortar offices in PhoenixDenverIndianapolis, Albuquerque, Austin and Fort Lauderdale. The company plans to open at least 3 more offices in 2024, and to have 16 operational offices by the end of 2025. Its headquarters is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information visit www.Aurumys.com or call 602-975-1822.

About Aurumys

Pronounced ARE – UMM – ISS.

Aurumys is a residential real estate investment brokerage that operates a private marketplace for real estate investors and homeowners, enabling them to buy and sell investment grade property efficiently. The core customers Aurumys aims to work with are typically mom and pop real estate investors or small partnerships, as well as homeowners who want to sell their property.

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