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MOOVOP: A Fresh Chapter in Road Safety Products and Movable Barrier Solutions


SAN DIEGOFeb. 4, 2024 /7Newswire – QMB, a provider of road safety products and movable barriers in Canada for over 30 years, is excited to announce the launch of its US division under the name MOOVOP. This launch marks a significant step forward as the company expands its presence and offerings in the United States.

Embracing Progress and Change

On January 7th 2024, the company introduced a complete new line of MASH TL-3 crash-tested products: the QUASH™ water-filled non-redirective crash attenuator, the TALL42™ Movable Barrier, and the HP-LOCK™ Portable Concrete Barrier.

Aligned with these new and innovative products, MOOVOP brand was selected to reflect the company’s strategic evolution and future goals. MOOVOP, derived from “MOOV” evoking movement and progress, and “OP” symbolizing opportunity and operations, embodies the company’s commitment to bringing innovation and hands-on operational expertise to the market. Visit www.moovop.com for more information on the company’s new products and offerings.

Calling for Differentiation

MOOVOP stands as an independent provider of movable barrier solutions, offering a compelling alternative for future contracts and projects.

“MOOVOP is committed to delivering reliable, cost-effective solutions and services tailored to client’s needs,” added VP Marc Seguin. “With our launch of MOOVOP, we look forward to forging new partnerships and driving positive change.”

The MOOVOP management team will be present at the ATSSA Convention & Traffic Expo to connect with clients and distributors. The company is inviting attendees to visit their Booth #520, where the QUASH™ attenuator, up for Innovation of the Year, will be showcased. For more information, follow the new MOOVOP LinkedIn page.


Originating as a movable barrier operator, MOOVOP’s Canadian parent has continuously refined operational expertise. As an owner-operator of movable barriers since 1993, the Canadian company has executed over 31,000 consecutive on-time barrier shifts, showcasing its enduring commitment to service excellence and reliability, and handles 10 to 15 turnkey movable barrier construction contracts annually, emphasizing the trust Agencies and Contractors have in the company. Through its Versilis division, the company revolutionized repetitive lane closures across North America with the SwiftGate automated lane closure system. Leveraging manufacturing and operational expertise, as well as a robust industry network, these assets will be pivotal in the group’s forthcoming endeavors.