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MAKO Medical Announces Support for Vance County Student Spotlight Program


RALEIGH, N.C.April 10, 2024 /7Newswire — MAKO Medical, a leader in diagnostic services and healthcare, is proud to announce its support for the Vance County Student Spotlight Program, an initiative aimed at celebrating the academic and extracurricular achievements of students within Vance County. Through this partnership, MAKO Medical demonstrates its commitment to fostering educational excellence and recognizing the hard work and dedication of students in the community.

The Vance County Student Spotlight Program is designed to highlight the accomplishments of students across various disciplines, including academics, arts, athletics, and community service. By acknowledging these achievements, the program aims to motivate students to continue striving for success and to inspire their peers to pursue their own goals with equal vigor.

Steve Hoover, VP of lab operations at MAKO Medical, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to support the Vance County Student Spotlight Program. At MAKO Medical, we believe in the power of education and the importance of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our youth. This program not only showcases the talents and hard work of Vance County’s students but also encourages them to keep pushing boundaries and achieving their dreams.”

Through its support of the Student Spotlight Program, MAKO Medical aims to play a pivotal role in highlighting the successes of Vance County’s students, providing them with the recognition they deserve. This initiative is part of MAKO Medical’s broader commitment to giving back to the community and supporting educational initiatives that empower the next generation.

Dr. Cindy Bennett, Superintendent of Vance County Schools, welcomed MAKO Medical’s support, saying, “The partnership with MAKO Medical is a testament to the community’s dedication to our students’ success. The Student Spotlight Program is an essential part of our efforts to create a positive and motivating environment for our students, and MAKO Medical’s support will undoubtedly enhance the impact of this program. We look forward to celebrating our students’ achievements together.”

The Vance County Student Spotlight Program is set to feature students monthly, with honorees being recognized through various channels, including social media, local media, and school district communications. This visibility aims to amplify the students’ achievements and inspire a culture of excellence within the Vance County community.

For more information on the Vance County Student Spotlight Program and to learn about the students being recognized, please visit https://www.vcs.k12.nc.us. To find out more about MAKO Medical and its community initiatives, visit www.makomedical.com.

About MAKO Medical
Founded with a commitment to innovation, accuracy, and efficiency, MAKO Medical is a leading provider of diagnostic services and healthcare solutions. With a strong focus on community involvement and educational support, MAKO Medical continues to make significant contributions to the communities it serves, fostering growth, and development across various sectors.

About Vance County Schools
Vance County Schools is dedicated to providing a high-quality education that prepares all students for lifelong success. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and community engagement, Vance County Schools strives to create a nurturing and challenging environment where students can excel and achieve their highest potential.

SOURCE Mako Medical Laboratory