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LUXE Bidet Named Hermes Creative Awards 2024 Gold Winner


SAN DIEGOApril 24, 2024 /7Newswire — LUXE Bidet, the #1 bidet attachment provider in America, is delighted to share its recent success at the esteemed Hermes Creative Awards for its project “LUXE Bidet – Good Clean Fun,” featuring a host-read with Conan O’Brien. The company’s advertisement, led by Conan O’Brien, has been honored as a 2024 Gold Winner, signifying a remarkable achievement in creative excellence and industry recognition.

While initially met with laughter, owning a bidet proves to be a decision appreciated in the long run. This sentiment was vividly illustrated in LUXE Bidet’s partnership with Conan O’Brien. Conan’s immediate reaction to the advertisement talking points echoed the amusement often associated with bidets. However, he skillfully transformed this amusement into an engaging narrative that lasted nearly four minutes. Amidst the comedic tone, Conan’s delivery underscored the significance of hygiene, subtly reminding listeners of its importance. This collaboration served as a testament to the bidet’s efficacy beyond mere amusement, emphasizing its role in promoting cleanliness and comfort.

LUXE Bidet celebrates the unprecedented success of this ad campaign, which has garnered major virality across all social media platforms. Since its release, the advertisement has amassed 1.6M views, captivating netizens, bidet enthusiasts, and sparking heated conversations surrounding the delivery of the ad read by Conan. LUXE Bidet remains committed to delivering impactful content and setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

In addition to the engaging content, the advertisement featured compelling quotes that emphasized the practical advantages of bidet usage. It commenced with an impactful assertion, highlighting how bidets effectively tackle post-meal clean-up, contrasting with the inefficiency of toilet paper: “Toilet paper has no business trying to battle the mess of a large holiday meal. Bidets, on the other hand, shoot a precise stream of refreshing water exactly where you need it. No more smearing, and no more feeling like you’re trying to scrub a stubborn stain with a tissue!” To which Conan replied “No toilet paper can handle that. No! You need a whole other device. You need a bidet!”

Another quote underscored the lasting impact of a LUXE Bidet as a transformative gift, reflecting both initial amusement and long-term gratitude from users: “A LUXE Bidet makes a great life-changing gift. People will laugh when they first see it and will thank you forever when they start using it. People who try and buy it, often feel that this has been one of the best purchases they’ve ever made!”

Conan O’Brien, renowned podcast host of “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” (Team Coco), along with a talented team from Studio Resonate, SiriusXM Media, including Casey BakerChelsea CampbellVeronica KwiatkowskiTyler OttShauna CaseyBen CabonargiDrew DaigleAura Reyes, and LUXE Bidet team including Emma AndersenJames KelleyKaitlyn Chan, and Anjum Gupta, collectively contributed to the success of the award-winning advertisement.

Reflecting on the recognition, Anjum Gupta, CEO of LUXE Bidet, expressed gratitude, stating, “Receiving this recognition Hermes Creative Awards is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in making America bidet-aware. We are thrilled to be recognized for our efforts in promoting hygiene and enhancing the bathroom experience for our customers.”

About The Hermes Creative Awards
The Hermes Creative Awards is renowned for celebrating innovation and creativity across traditional and emerging media, is an esteemed international competition administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). With a rigorous judging process led by industry experts, the awards honor outstanding achievements in publications, branding collateral, websites, videos, advertising, marketing, and communication programs.

About LUXE Bidet
LUXE Bidet is the #1 best-selling bidet attachment in America, happy to be serving over three million customers nationwide. LUXE bidets are built to last with durable, premium materials. Designed to deliver high-quality at an affordable price, LUXE Bidet’s patented technology elevates the bathroom experience and quality of life for a wide range of users.

For more information about this award and to access the audio, please visit this link.

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Marketing Manager
LUXE Bidet