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Legal-Bay Pre-Settlement Funding Announces Renewed Focus on Wrongful Termination Cases


SAN FRANCISCOFeb. 7, 2024 /7Newswire — Legal-Bay LLC, The Pre Settlement Funding Company, reports today that a large portion of their pre-settlement cash advance funding capital will be directed toward victims of wrongful termination. Legal-Bay has vast experience with unlawful termination lawsuits. They’ve helped numerous plaintiffs who’ve been unfairly terminated for everything from sexual harassment to racial, gender, or age-related discrimination.

Based on recent court case trends, Legal-Bay anticipates even more wrongful termination lawsuit filings to come. They urge plaintiffs who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own to reach out now for financial assistance while they await a ruling on their case. For those who’ve been wrongfully unemployed, a lawsuit loan can help ease the financial burden of lost pay, lost benefits, punitive damages, and legal fees, not to mention the emotional stress of being fired due to a situation you had no control over.

Chris Janish, CEO, commented on the company’s focus of assisting plaintiffs in similar situations, “Wrongful termination cases can be tricky and take a long time to resolve.  Many legal finance companies shy away from funding them due to risks. However, this has been a focus of our firm for many years which is why we are now putting new resources to work as well.”

If you’re a lawyer or plaintiff involved in an active wrongful termination lawsuit of any kind and need an immediate cash advance against an impending lawsuit settlement, please visit Legal-Bay HERE or call toll-free at 877.571.0405.

Legal-Bay offers cash settlement funding and lawsuit loans for all unlawful termination cases, however, Legal-Bay handles all other types of lawsuits including personal injury, slip and falls, dog bites, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful verdict or unlawful imprisonment, police brutality, sexual harassment, sexual assault or abuse, racial or age related discrimination, and more.

Their loan for settlement funding programs are designed to provide immediate cash in advance of a plaintiff’s anticipated monetary award. While it’s common to refer to these legal funding requests as settlement loans, loans for settlements, law suit loans, loans for lawsuits, etc., the “lawsuit loan” funds are, in fact, non-recourse. That means there’s no risk when it comes to loans in lawsuit settlements because there is no obligation to repay the money if the recipient loses their case. Therefore, terms like settlement loan, loans for lawsuit, loans on settlement, or lawsuit loan funds don’t necessarily apply, as the “loan on lawsuit” isn’t really a loan at all, but rather a stress-free cash advance.

Legal-Bay is known to many as the best lawsuit funding provider in the industry for their helpful and knowledgeable staff, and one of the best lawsuit loan companies overall for their low rates and quick turnaround, sometimes within 24-48 hours once all documents have been received.

To apply right now for a loan settlement program, please visit the company’s website HERE or call toll-free at: 877.571.0405 where agents are standing by to answer any questions.


Chris Janish, CEO

Email: info@Legal-Bay.com 

Ph.: 877.571.0405

Website: www.Legal-Bay.com