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KOPU Water Brings Refreshing Elegance to Miami Swim Week 2024 Opening Night


MIAMIMay 31, 2024 /7NewswireKOPU Water once again made a splash during opening night of Miami Swim Week, serving as the premier sponsor for the second consecutive year. The much-anticipated event, held at SLS Miami Beach, saw KOPU Water prominently featured alongside a headline show by renowned couture designer Ema Savahl. The opening night was marked by the innovative theme “Wet,” with models donning hair and makeup designed to look as if they had just emerged from the water, perfectly complementing the refreshing essence of KOPU Water.

Building on last year’s successful collaboration with Ema Savahl, KOPU Water returned to Miami Swim Week with an enhanced presence. This year, the brand introduced the #KOPUHydrationStation, poolside. Attendees enjoyed KOPU Spring and Sparkling water, while celebrating the intersection of style and sustainability.

Ema Savahl’s show captivated the audience, with models embodying the fluidity and elegance of water through their looks. This collection aligned seamlessly with KOPU Water’s brand identity, emphasizing purity, refreshment, and a commitment to pure luxury.

KOPU Water’s commitment to a zero-waste event was exemplified through the KOPU Aluminum Stewardship (KAS) Program. The program ensures that all aluminum bottles and cans served during the event were collected and recycled, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility. By turning recycled bottles into new products within 60 days, KOPU underscores its mission to harmonize luxury and sustainability.

Miami Swim Week is a testament to innovative trends in swimwear and resort wear, with KOPU Water at the forefront, showcasing its dedication to their purpose and drive. The event provided an uber-elevated experience where guests could immerse themselves in the chic ambiance while staying hydrated with KOPU’s premium water offerings.

About Miami Swim Week Shows:
Miami Swim Week Shows is a prestigious fashion event that showcases the latest trends in swimwear and resort wear. It serves as a platform for designers, influencers, and industry professionals to connect and celebrate the artistry of beach fashion.

About KOPU Water:
KOPU Water is a purpose-driven and quality-focused brand that provides a transformational sustainability solution for hospitality. Sourced in the Cascades of Oregon, KOPU provides naturally alkaline, mineral-rich spring water and sparkling water with fine champagne-like bubbles. With an absolute commitment to sustainability, KOPU Water is revolutionizing the industry with true stewardship and taking responsibility for ensuring recycling of aluminum beverage packaging.

For more information, please visit www.kopuwater.com or follow us on Instagram @kopuwater.

Sophia Reghitto