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Info-Tech Research Group Announces Generative AI-Driven "IT Assistant" to Enhance Member Experience and Content Discovery


TORONTOJune 4, 2024 /7Newswire – Info-Tech Research Group has announced the upcoming release of its generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) driven chatbot, named “IT Assistant,” to provide seamless assistance on the firm’s website. Currently in a limited release to select members for tuning and stress testing before a full rollout, IT Assistant offers an intuitive conversational interface that helps users discover precise and relevant research content and engage in meaningful dialogues about their business challenges. This engagement will promote efficient problem-solving and support members in achieving their goals with streamlined information flow and enhanced resource access.

The global product leader in research and advisory, the firm previously highlighted in its Tech Trends 2024 report that AI and machine learning are crucial drivers of business innovation and efficiency. The 2024 report details six trends that are transforming enterprises, with generative AI as one of the key trends at the forefront of enhancing user interactions and enabling innovations like the firm’s IT Assistant. Preliminary findings from Info-Tech’s Future of IT 2025 survey also reveal that 37% of respondents (n=534) have already invested or plan to invest in generative AI capabilities this year. An additional 33% are planning investments for 2025, and 15% are looking beyond 2025. Moreover, 72% of respondents (n=403) believe that generative AI will have a positive impact on their organization.

With the introduction of Info-Tech’s own AI chatbot, IT Assistant, we are taking a significant step in leveraging this emerging technology to revolutionize how our members access and use our research content,” says Info-Tech’s Chief Research Officer, Gord Harrison. “Our AI-powered tool is not just about delivering tailored information. IT Assistant will provide our members with faster, more intuitive access to the precise research they need, fostering deeper engagement, enabling more effective problem-solving, and ultimately supporting our members in achieving their strategic goals.”

IT Assistant enhances its performance by combining information retrieval with generative language models. When a user query is received, the system retrieves relevant research blueprints and pieces of information from Info-Tech’s content library. This information is then used as additional input for the generative language model, enabling it to generate more accurate and contextually relevant responses.

By integrating generative AI and RAG, our IT Assistant leverages advanced data processing and real-time learning capabilities,” explains Info-Tech’s Chief Information Officer, William Russell. “This approach enables the system to continuously refine its responses based on new information and user behavior, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Our robust infrastructure allows for scalable and secure AI deployment, demonstrating Info-Tech’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology to drive innovation and enhance the member experience.

The introduction of the AI-driven chatbot marks a significant step forward in Info-Tech Research Group’s mission to provide unparalleled member support and access to critical research. By leveraging advanced AI, Info-Tech continues to lead the way in innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its members.

This development is part of Info-Tech’s broader initiative to advance AI capabilities, spearheaded by its dedicated AI Research Center. The research center focuses on delivering cutting-edge AI solutions and conducting extensive research to drive innovation, optimize business processes, and enhance decision-making for IT leaders globally.

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