China has been known as the factory of the world for a substantial period. An ample amount of goods from distinct regions of the country belonging to a variety of industries are exported daily. If you are willing to import something from China, then you must look at some of the necessary aspects of freight forwarding from China.


In this guide, you will be able to gain information about modes of freight forwarding for the UK & Australia and their legal requirements. Along with that, you will be able to note important things about freight forwarder for China to Australia and the UK. Let’s begin with understanding the right mode of shipping you must choose.


Which Mode Of Freight Forwarding You Should Choose?


While planning to import from China, you must have once thought of “how long does it take to ship from China to Australia?”.

General speaking, there are two modes of freight forwarding, the Sea or the Air. It is known that the UK and Australia are quite far away from China, thus choosing the right freight forwarding mode is of importance. The right mode of shipping from a trusted freight forwarder for China to the UK and Australia would help you save costs and minimize the risk associated with shipping accidents.


Sea Freight


China is around 7,470 kilometers away from Australia, while the UK is 7,799 kilometers away. So, if you are still pondering over how long does it take to ship from China to Australia or UK, then the answer according to the sea freight is going to be approximately 2 weeks for Australia and 25 to 30 days for the UK. There cannot be a definite time as in the case of sea freight the duration of the transit depends upon the ports you have selected on both the ends.


Coming to the rates associated with sea freights, you need to know that it also varies as per the port. There can be multiple factors, which affect this cost. The exact cost involved can be shared only by your freight forwarder for China to Australia or UK.