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Experts discuss future of AI in education on The EdTech Podcast, sponsored by Nord Anglia Education


LONDONJune 18, 2024 /7Newswire — ‘Can We Trust in AI for Education?’, the final podcast in the AI in Education series, sponsored by Nord Anglia Education, is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Rose Luckin, professor at University College London and a world-renowned expert in the use of AI in education, led the discussion with Lord David Puttnam, Chair of Atticus Education and Chair of Nord Anglia’s Education Advisory Board, alongside Timo Hannay, founder of data insights company SchoolDash.

The podcast discusses preparing society for the next advancements in AI through experimentation and education, so people “can live fruitfully and safely in an AI rich world,” according to Professor Luckin.

Highlights from the episode:

  • On the need to continue advancing digital literacy, Professor Luckin said: “Teachers need to experiment and feel that it’s okay to try out these tools—even if they might not get it right the first time—so they have that space to learn together.”
  • Lord Puttnam commented on how important it is to “create an environment of trust within which AI can operate.” Adding that failing to do so could see AI turn into a disruptive technology in the same way that aspects of social media have managed to.
  • Timo Hannay said: “How we end up in a good place rather than a bad place with AI is by having healthy scepticism around it. It’s here—I don’t think we could uninvent it even if we wanted to, and I think it can genuinely be a massive force for good, not least in education.”
  • Professor Luckin remarked: “We know AI has the potential to revolutionise education, making it more personalised and accessible. With careful consideration, it can be thoughtfully integrated into educational practices to benefit both students and educators.”
  • Highlighting the learning opportunity across Nord Anglia Education’s global network of schools—which allows for AI tools’ impact to be seen on a large scale—Lord Puttnam said: “The great thing we can do at Nord Anglia is prove what can work”, which he hopes will influence the scale of AI’s adoption and its overall benefit to education.

The full ‘AI in Education’ series is sponsored by Nord Anglia Education:

  • Episode 1: Preparing Young People for their Future with AI
  • Episode 2: AI, Metacognition, and Neuroscience
  • Episode 3: AI from a Global Perspective
  • Episode 4: AI as a Tool of Equity of Learning
  • Episode 5: Can We Trust in AI for Education?

Learn more about Nord Anglia’s perspectives on AI in education here.

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