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Clarity Technologies Announces Significant Enhancements and Strategic Integrations to The Clarity Practice Performance System


BOISE, IdahoMay 9, 2024 /7Newswire — Clarity Technologies, which recently revealed its rebrand following the merger of Engage Technologies Group and APX Platform, announces substantial new product features and strategic integrations for the Clarity Practice Performance System.

The Clarity Practice Performance System is a first-of-its-kind healthcare practice software designed to give practice managers and owners a holistic way to optimize practice operations. This software provides a way to gather clear and actionable insights from data and analytics, provide on-demand training for each staff member, educate patients with clinically accurate and engaging videos, and become part of a community of professionals with access to industry experts.

The first of these new features is a lead capture engine for the patient engagement solution. When patients are sent a series of short videos about a procedure via SMS, practices now have the ability to track the potential patient’s progress through the video journey, as well as their name and contact number. This feature creates new opportunities for increasing lead-generation efforts and follow-up capabilities for new customers. Practices will also have the potential to decrease no-shows by gauging the interest of customers and following up accordingly.

“The ability to follow up with people, who have received patient education at the point of inquiry, is essential for any practice to increase their chances of converting that inquiry into a consultation. While many practices utilize a CRM or outsource this activity, we’ve found that there is a large portion that don’t, and this feature fills this gap by making this information accessible, simple, and easy to use.” – David Pennington, SVP, Ocular Sales, Clarity Technologies

Clarity continues its dominance in patient education with the addition of new product enhancements and features to its current Ocular Video Library that covers cataract and refractive procedures. The new video journeys include:

*Light Adjustable Lens: this journey covers an advanced cataract surgery option that allows for post-operative lens adjustments to enhance vision clarity. This provides patients with tailored vision correction empowering their eye doctor to adjust their lens power post-surgery, based on real-life visual preferences of the patient.

*EVO ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens): this journey covers a minimally invasive alternative to traditional refractive surgeries like LASIK, preserving corneal tissue. It offers a reversible solution for those seeking flexible options in their vision correction journey.

*Optometric Vision Care: this journey educates patients about their vision options including choosing the right glasses, premium contact lens options, and other services and retail products available. This journey is designed to ensure consistent, detailed care, and improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

These patient engagement journeys help patients understand their options, whether that’s correcting cataracts or choosing glasses, so they arrive at their consultation having better quality conversations with providers, while also being more likely to purchase premium upgrades.

Finally, Clarity is announcing strategic integrations with robust EHRs like ModMed and Symplast, as well as the practice management software; Promptly.

These integrations automate patient education journeys for ocular, aesthetic, and dental practices at the moment a consultation is booked. Additionally, the integration with Symplast allows for seamless access to the Clarity Practice Performance System analytics module that provides structured data, industry benchmarks, and actionable insights for aesthetic practices.

About Clarity Technologies

Clarity Technologies is the creator of the Practice Performance System, a new category of practice software designed to be used alongside an EMR and PMS. This system provides access to on-demand staff training, delivery of clinically accurate and engaging patient education, insights into operational key performance indicators, and guidance from a broad community of experts. With a presence in six different healthcare sectors, operating in ten different countries in partnerships with multiple Fortune 500 companies, Clarity Technologies provides a clear path to greater profitability.

For more information, please visit www.clarityperformance.com

Cody Sauer
Clarity Technologies

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