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NEW YORKMay 13, 2024 /7Newswire — On a mission to democratize and demystify skincare, BYOMA empowers everyone to make the right choices for their unique skin type with science-backed, solution focused, skin barrier-care. Since launching in 2022, BYOMA has become a credible, impartial authority and innovation trailblazer in skin barrier and skin health. With skin barrier health at the forefront of the beauty industry, BYOMA continues to drive and lead not just a trend, but an evolution of skincare. Considering everything from a 360 lens, from researching skin-compatible complexes to engaging and empowering skincare users with education to build their best skincare routines every day – BYOMA is building better beauty.

Today, a new generation is breaking their skin barriers with super-strength actives and age-inappropriate formulas. The Gen Alpha skincare boom has become an epidemic due to lack of education resulting in mis-purchasing products.

In response to this epidemic, Founder, Marc Elrick felt it is BYOMA’s responsibility to take a stand. “This month, we’re making a category-defying pledge with Skin Barrier Awareness Month, geared towards democratizing the skincare industry by empowering consumers of all ages with skin barrier health education,” said Elrick. “My fear is that barrier care becomes a buzzword and a trend, rather than evolving the category and sparking a skincare revolution as we’d originally hoped. Our month-long campaign will cement BYOMA as true champions of skin barrier health– by our community and for our communities. All our activities will tie back to our core values of education, democratization, and trust and transparency.”

The brand is launching several initiatives to kickstart Skin Barrier Awareness Month including:

Opening of the BYOMA clinical testing lab at Glasgow HQ
Clinical testing is an integral part of the R&D process, ensuring the products perform with the highest efficacy. All BYOMA products undergo rigorous third-party clinical testing to thoroughly assess effectiveness. This includes HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test) testing to verify safety for sensitive skin. This comprehensive testing process ensures BYOMA products not only deliver desirable results but also uphold the highest standard of safety.

In addition to these tests, BYOMA is taking clinicals one step further. “As we work to revolutionize the industry with cutting-edge skin barrier products, the launch of the in-house lab allows us to test and update new formulations in real-time. Our new complexion analysis machine with multi-spectral imaging reveals damage and signs of ageing on and beneath the surface of skin (i.e. erythema, melanin, sebum, skin elasticity, radiance, etc.) not visible to the human eye. This allows us to develop more advanced formulas that take skin barrier function to the next level,” says Elrick.

BYOMA Smart Skin Scan AI Tool, for personalized skin analysis 
BYOMA was one of the first skincare brands to offer total transparency on their packaging, decoding the inci (ingredient) list, telling consumers exactly what is in their formulations and the primary function. “As a brand at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, I want us to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible to enhance the consumer experience,” said Elrick. “Supercharging our brand’s mission, we have partnered with global leading AI/AR company Revieve to develop a fully branded, digital skincare diagnostic service powered by AI technology that can be used anytime, anywhere.”

BYOMA understands the desire and demand for increased personalization with 71% of consumers expecting personalized interactions with companies and a further 91% stating they are more likely to shop with brands if their experience is personalized. BYOMA will be one of the first brands at mass to bring this degree of intelligence, insight, and accessibility to their highly engaged community.

With just a few questions and quick snap of a selfie, BYOMA’s Smart Skin Scan offers tailored skin analysis based on age, location, skin type, tone, and texture. The tool will be accessible everywhere our community is: across digital touchpoints like our site and social channels as well as in stores, and even on pack! This is an important step towards improving the consumer experience – helping to further educate on their unique skin needs while providing the right personalized skincare routine.

“Our strategy is to leverage this innovative tool to better understand the needs of our community – informing future product development with science-based consumer insights, allowing for strategic decisions on what’s to come next in our revolutionary product pipeline,” said Elrick.

Immersive consumer pop up experiences in NYC 
435 Broome St, SoHo, New York, 10013
5/31 – 6/1 – 10am – 5pm 

With consumers at the heart of the brand, BYOMA will be launching their first-ever pop-up experience in SoHo, NYC on May 31 – June 1 inviting consumers of all ages to immerse themselves into the skin barrier. Attendees will have the opportunity to scan their skin with new BYOMA AI tool for a customized prescription of BYOMA products. The brand will also be providing 1:1 consultations with dermatologists including Angelo Landriscina, MD, FAAD, to help answer their skincare queries. Lastly, everyone will receive best-selling BYOMA product samples, merch, and other prizes through fun gamification activities – all while understanding the science and health of the skin barrier.

Launch of disruptive campaign to raise awareness & supercharged educational content across social platforms
With more information at consumer’s disposal, misinformation, and unclear expectations within skincare, is higher than ever. A recent consumer study by Vitabiotics Perfectilshowed that 72% of 2,000 surveyed need clarification on scientific skincare terms and technological developments in the beauty industry with 69% having bought a beauty product without understanding the label.

BYOMA’s latest campaign, “MiSKINformed” #skinbarrierawarenessmonth is spotlighting this issue of misinformation plaguing the category. The brand is determined to empower the consumer with the knowledge needed to make smart, informed decisions about their skin so that misinformation stops breaking skin barriers.

BYOMA’s top priority is to ensure platforms remain a resource for impactful learning. Part of this, is leading the charge on education. A key initiative is driving conversations around how skincare should be used at every age, so everyone feels empowered with knowledge to make the best choices for their unique skin type. BYOMA has a responsibility to educate younger skincare users to stop overtreating, over exfoliating, and overbuying skincare.

The brand will be boosting educational content across social platforms, partnering with derms, cosmetic chemists, and skincare enthusiasts to break down misconceptions in an effort to build and boost skin barriers. They will be encouraging consumers to take the BYOMA Smart Skin Scan, to better understand their skin needs and how to best care for it with the BYOMA 5-step routine. “Gone are the days of complicated skincare. We’re boosting barriers for better skin with simplified routines, decoded incis, and transparency consumers can trust. Our goal is to scan one million faces as we continue to champion skin barrier health,” said Elrick.

These initiatives are intended to supercharge BYOMA’s skin barrier building mission. By putting education at the forefront and making it more accessible, affordable, and approachable than ever– BYOMA hopes to become the impartial, trusted authority on skincare. “We want everyone to have their best skin day, every day,” said Elrick.

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