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Autumn Ridge Responds to Ongoing Inaccurate Media Coverage


LANSING, Mich.March 26, 2024 /7Newswire — Autumn Ridge is a 618-unit town home and apartment community located in Lansing, MI. Current management has owned the property since 2014 and has invested millions to maintain the property and ensure residents have a safe and economical place that they can call home. However, management has come under attack recently by some individuals with an agenda and management would like to set the record straight and provide a response to false narratives portrayed in the media. General Manager Ric Colon answers questions to address the recent news coverage about Autumn Ridge and provide the facts about its community and residents.

1)  What is your response to the recent article detailing the Pink and Red tags the city of Lansing placed on the property?
We have been forced to file a new lawsuit because we believe the pink and red tags were improperly placed on the property due to a variety of reasons detailed in the lawsuit.  One of those reasons is the fact that the majority of the items cited in inspection reports have been addressed and the city refused to certify items/units that were completed.  There were also items we disagreed with, as well as the timing to complete other items, and we properly appealed those items in a timely manner.  The City has never given us our hearing on the appeal which is a violation of our due process rights.  As for the Red tags, contrary to misleading media reports, there are only 9 units that are currently not safe for rental and should be red tagged. Considering Autumn Ridge contains 618 units, that is only 1.4% of the entire property. We have never rented a unit that is unsafe and this 1.4% of units will not be rented until we complete the repairs on them. We strongly believe that all other units that were red tagged outside of this 1.4% was a defamatory act that is misleading the public. Also, red tagging a unit that does not have a legitimate safety issue is a violation of the city’s own Housing code.

2)  Why did Autumn Ridge sue the City of Lansing?
Previous litigation was settled in late 2022 and Autumn Ridge was re-inspected by a different City inspector in December 2022. All past inspections and actions by the previous inspector were voided (pink tags, etc.) as part of the settlement.  However, we feel the City violated the current settlement agreement and its own Housing Code in placing the pink and red tags on the property.

We also have other concerns with the rental property ordinance and believe portions of it may be unconstitutional as it does not provide an aggrieved party appropriate due process. We also believe the City has wrongfully withheld certification on units that are in compliance with the Code.

3)  Is Autumn Ridge currently in compliance with the Lansing Rental Certification Process?
Yes. For Autumn Ridge and all other rental properties in Lansing, the process calls for an inspection before a property can receive renewal certification. Once the items from inspection are addressed, the city issues renewal certificates. As mentioned earlier, our property was inspected and we addressed or we’re currently addressing all items we are not appealing. Please keep in mind that we have 618 units at Autumn Ridge (the largest apartment complex in Lansing), so we need sufficient time due to the size of our property.  We’re confident we will receive renewal certificates once our process is complete.

4)  Based on the news coverage, you seem to have some unhappy residents at Autumn Ridge. What is your comment?
The 3 to 5 residents featured in all of the news coverage do not represent the feelings of the majority of residents at Autumn Ridge. Autumn Ridge has HUNDREDS of residents and these individuals that called the media definitely do not speak for the hundreds that are happy.  Our management team is dedicated to addressing any issues promptly and professionally, and we make it a priority to ensure that our residents feel heard and supported and that their issues are resolved timely and in accordance with the industry’s best practices and standards.

We are proud to say that the vast majority of our residents, approximately 99%, report high levels of satisfaction with their living experience at Autumn Ridge. We take pride in our near-perfect score with the majority of residents. We have over 600 apartments and townhomes at Autumn Ridge, and our residents frequently refer their friends and family to come to live here. We believe this speaks volumes about the quality of our community and the high level of service that we provide.

5)  Can you share some positive comments from residents that are happy at Autumn Ridge?
Below are just a few of the many actual comments we have received from current residents.

    • Luis Q. – The office staff is very helpful and my move-in went smoothly. I like my townhome.
    • Maryiah N. – I love my unit, my move in went nice. The office staff is very helpful and when needed the maintenance has been prompt. Just wanted to recognize the great work your team is doing.
    • Keya A.– I have lived at Autumn Ridge for 8 years and do not have major issues in my apartment. When I do call for a work order, they come quickly.
    • Darryl S. – When I moved to Lansing, Autumn Ridge was my first stop. Maintenance and Management are quick and efficient, and I love that I can work on my private patio area.
    • HB B. – Maintenance is nice and responds timely. My neighbors are friendly and so is the office.
    • Veronica G.– I love living at Autumn Ridge because it’s close to major shopping centers. My neighbors are nice, and the office staff is very nice and helpful.
    • Damond G. – Quiet property, nice neighbors, and everything I ask for happens quickly.
    • Calvin M. – I love Autumn Ridge, I have been living here for 4 years. It is a very quiet place to live and have not had any problems. Since the new staff, there has been great communication with everything.

6)  What is your maintenance process for residents?
The Service Request process begins with residents using our user-friendly resident portal to create their service requests for any maintenance issue they may experience. With just a few clicks, residents can easily submit their requests and provide details about the issue. Once the request is received, our maintenance team promptly reviews, assesses, schedules, and procures materials or vendors necessary to complete repairs. The extent and duration of repairs are contingent upon a variety of factors, including the type of repair needed, its level of complexity, and the availability of materials and qualified labor in the marketplace. We take into consideration all these factors to ensure that repairs are conducted in a timely and efficient manner, while also maintaining our commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship. Through the resident portal, residents can easily track the progress of their service requests and receive updates on when the work is expected to be completed.
They can also communicate directly with our maintenance team if they have any questions or concerns about the repairs being made. By utilizing our resident portal, the apartment maintenance process becomes streamlined and efficient, providing residents with a hassle-free experience when requesting repairs. Our goal is to ensure that all maintenance issues are addressed promptly and efficiently, so residents can enjoy their living space with ease and comfort.

7)  What makes Autumn Ridge a great place to live?
We take pride in offering our residents a diverse range of amenities and features to enhance their living experience. Enjoy a refreshing dip in our sparkling pool or take advantage of our 24-hour emergency maintenance services for your peace of mind. Our spacious homes are nestled in a park-like atmosphere, complete with a scenic walking trail and playground. Additionally, we host monthly resident events to bring the community together. Our units also boast a variety of unique townhome features, including walk-in closets, kitchen islands, and fully equipped kitchens complete with refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers. Also, our residents appreciate the convenience of built-in vanities and in-unit washers and dryers. We strive to provide our residents with the best living experience possible, and our array of amenities and features are just some of the many ways we accomplish this.

SOURCE Autumn Ridge Townhomes & Apartments