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Answering Your Top Questions About Friday Plans


You’ve probably heard of Friday Plans by now. It’s a new telemedicine startup trying to take on big pharma and offer ED medication like Generic Viagra for a fraction of the cost of the other options in the market.

When I first heard about Friday Plans, I had a lot of questions, and I’m sure you do too! I’ll get into these questions, one by one, and tell you what I found when I did some digging.

Can You Really Get a Free Generic Viagra® Prescription Without Talking to a Doctor?

Since Generic Viagra is a prescription medication, you can’t just add it to your shopping cart and check out. 

First, you need a prescription. Friday Plans has their own network of doctors online, and they make the prescription process as easy as humanly possible. All you have to do in most states is fill out a 2 minute questionnaire. 

During Friday Plans Questionnaire, they ask stuff like: “Do you have any allergies to medication?” The questions are easy, and there’s not a lot of unnecessary ones to waste your time. 

When you’re done, a doctor or nurse practitioner will review your answers and write you a prescription, if appropriate. 

Do You Get to Pick Your Dosage and Quantity?

During Friday Plans’ questionnaire, you get a chance to pick out the dosage and quantity you want. All the dosages cost the same, so I went with the highest dosage, 100 mg. I also went for 12 tablets per month. I figured I’d rather have more than less. (If you have extra tablets at the end of the month, you can easily snooze your next shipment until you need it.)

Now, I can’t guarantee that the doctor will let you have any dosage you want. Technically, the doctor has the final say. If they see something in your medical history that makes them believe a lower dosage would be better for you, then they may prescribe you a lower dosage. Friday Plans lets the doctors make all the decisions that affect your safety. 

That said, the doctor approved my requested dosage and quantity with no issues. From talking to other people who have used Friday Plans, I understand that they almost always give you the dosage and quantity you request.

Does It Really Cost Only $1.99 per 100 mg? 

Actually, it can cost even less! If you decide to pay upfront for 6 months of Friday Plans, you get an additional 20% discount. That brings the per-tablet cost down to only $1.59! Compare that to the going rate at your average pharmacy: CVS and Walgreens charge around $28 per tablet.

Just a few years ago, I would have jumped at the chance to buy Generic Viagra for $28 per tablet, since the branded stuff was more like $60 per tablet! The patent for Viagra expired in 2020; that’s why the price has dropped so much over the last few years. 

But If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be able to buy Generic Viagra for less than $2 per tablet, I would not have believed you!

Does Your Generic Viagra® Get Delivered Right to Your Door With Free Shipping? 

Yes, the shipping was fast and totally free. In my case, it took only 2 days to arrive at my door after I finished the questionnaire.

That is the kind of service we’ve all come to expect from huge companies like Amazon, so it’s impressive that a small company like Friday Plans has been able to pull it off. It makes sense when you learn that, like Amazon, Friday Plans uses a lot of robotics and automation to pack and ship prescriptions as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

If you think about it, Friday Plans’ shipping speed is even more impressive than Amazon, since Friday Plans also has to get a doctor to review your questionnaire and issue your prescription. And unlike Amazon, Friday Plans don’t ship your package from any old warehouse. They have to ship your medication from an FDA-approved pharmacy. 

The point is, if you take the questionnaire now, you could have generic Viagra® on your doorstep in two days. 

And you don’t have to worry about your neighbors or your mailman seeing the package. It comes in a plain white bubble mailer. 

Is the Package Discreet? I Would Prefer That My Mailman Doesn’t Know What I’m Up To in the Bedroom!

Yes, Friday Plans are delivered in a plain white bubble envelope with no logo, brand name, or anything else that could give away what’s inside. Even the return address is abbreviated for your privacy, which is especially helpful if you plan to surprise your wife!

Is My Information Kept Private? 

You don’t have to worry, your information is protected under Federal Law. HIPAA regulations govern how Friday Plans can and cannot disclose personal and medical information, and Friday Plans is 100% HIPAA Compliant. So they cannot legally disclose any information to your health insurance provider or anyone else without your permission.

Is the Medication Tested for Purity?

Yes, unlike supplements you can buy online or over the counter, Friday Plans tablets are FDA-approved, prescription-strength medication. That means that, by law, they have to be manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, handled by pharmacists, and there must be strict quality controls at every step of the manufacturing process to help ensure purity and consistent potency.

As a side note, the fact that some people still buy over-the-counter virility supplements absolutely boggles my mind. When Viagra was $70 a tablet, I could understand the urge to get a pill for $5 over the counter. But now it’s way cheaper to just get real, FDA-approved Generic Viagra. So why would anyone pay more for over-the-counter pills which are unsafe and don’t work as well? It makes no sense whatsoever!

Do yourself a favor, and get yourself real Generic Viagra with Friday Plans. It’s FDA-approved to treat ED for a reason: it really, really works!

Where Do I Sign Up? 

Make sure you sign up by taking the medical intake questionnaire through Friday Plans’s official website. Have fun!