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SEGUIN, TexasApril 9, 2024 /7Newswire — AmeriTex Pipe & Products (AmeriTex) today announced it began construction on a new High-Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene (“HDPE/PP”) corrugated pipe facility on its Conroe, Texas campus to better serve its Texas’ customers.

Kevin Thompson, CEO of AmeriTex noted, “By working closely with our civil contractor customers, we help Texas build its infrastructure. When our customers told us they needed more concrete box culverts and pipes, AmeriTex built the capacity to meet all their needs and we are now, by far, the largest supplier of concrete box and pipe in the state of Texas with our leadership position continuing to grow.”

Rocky Lorenz, AmeriTex’s President added, “To support our customers growing need for both precast and high performing HDPE/PP pipe, we are constructing what we believe will be one of the largest, most efficient HDPE/PP pipe facilities in North America to align with our world’s best precast concrete facilities. Further, we intend to partner with other high-quality HDPE/PP corrugated pipe suppliers to complement our production capacity to fully meet all of our customers’ pipe needs (concrete and plastic) to support the growth of Texas’ sustainable infrastructure. By sustainable, we mean ‘built with high quality to last’ which mitigates construction defect and negative impact to the environment and economy to prematurely rebuild.”

Mr. Thompson added, “Texas’ market for concrete box and pipe storm drains is over $1 billion and growing. Concrete is the only sustainable material for products that move large amounts of storm water or to create the most sustainable Texas infrastructure underneath concrete roads; plastic is not a realistic substitute for concrete for most projects. That said, plastic has some good applications that will grow with Texas. With $17 billion in Texas school bonds recently passed, we believe that the Texas corrugated pipe market will grow beyond $200 million.”

When selecting its HDPE pipe equipment, AmeriTex recognized that some of the recycled input runs differently through the extruders and corrugators. Mr. Thompson added, “We aren’t convinced, at this time, that there is no difference between the long-term performance of corrugated pipe made with virgin resin compared to the wide variety of recycled material that some manufacturers use. Although we’ll continue to evaluate, the jobs on which we assist our customers have to be sustainable. For AmeriTex, product quality will always come first, and we’ll only use resins directly from the chemical companies that are expert at producing consistent material.”

Mr. Thompson ended with “We unveiled some of our new HDPE products, AmeriTex’s patent pending couplings, and Perfect Bases to our customers at our Customer Appreciation Party, this past Saturday. We’ll always listen carefully to our customers, so that together we can develop the best solutions for Texas’ infrastructure.”

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