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LOCKPORT, Ill.April 12, 2024 /7Newswire — Following a month-long strike, members of Teamsters Local 179 who work as drivers and service technicians at AmeriGas Partners L.P. have unanimously ratified a new collective bargaining agreement.

AmeriGas, the largest and most profitable propane gas distributor in the United States, forced members of Local 179 on strike after refusing to offer an acceptable contract that provided fair compensation. Local 179 was supported by fellow Teamsters at Locals 705, 142, and 781, who honored their picket lines.

“We had to fight for it, but this contract, especially the bump in pay, is a big deal,” said David Artega, an AmeriGas driver and member of Local 179. “I want to thank everyone who honored our picket lines. Witnessing the support and unity extended by other Teamsters was an incredible feeling. People I’d never met before put themselves out there for us. Solidarity is how we win, and I’d return the favor for them any day.”

The recently ratified 3-year contract boasts a $3.10 average wage hike upfront and an additional $2.00 over the length of the contract. It also ensures the continuity of health care benefits, increases on-call pay by 67 percent, and introduces Juneteenth as a paid holiday.

“Despite being the largest propane gas distributor in the United States, AmeriGas shamefully attempted to bully our members into accepting a subpar contract,” said Chris Richter, President of Local 179. “We took a stand against this company’s greed and ultimately emerged victorious. I want to thank fellow Teamsters from across the region who honored our picket lines. Their solidarity was pivotal in securing such a strong agreement.”

The Teamsters Tankhaul Division worked closely with Local 179 throughout the negotiating process. Nationwide, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents over 10,000 skilled workers who transport essential liquids and gases.

“Wealthy executives at AmeriGas and out-of-touch local managers underestimated the strength of our solidarity,” said Juan Campos, Director of the Teamsters Tankhaul Division. “As Teamsters, we have each other’s backs, and we never cross picket lines. AmeriGas and other greedy companies like it need to comprehend that any affront to one of us is an affront to all of us.”

Teamsters Local 179 represents over 3,000 members throughout Northern Illinois in construction, transportation, and a wide variety of other industries. For more information, go to www.teamsters179.org/.

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SOURCE Teamsters Local 179