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Ala Carte Launches a Range of Flexitarian Cookbooks to Promote a Balanced Lifestyle


Las Vegas, Nevada–(7Newswire – March 12, 2024) – Ala Carte, a popular brand founded by the Chef-preneur Tyreece, has announced the release of two Flexitarian Cookbooks to support a healthy & balanced lifestyle. Both books focus on sharing delicious recipes that satisfy cravings while aiming to positively impact overall health. Written by Chef Tyreece, the books help readers to create a flexible meal plan quickly and easily.

In the bustling world of culinary excellence, Flexitarian Chef-preneur Tyreece is leveraging a 5-star Culinary Expertise to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle & Balanced Lifestyle. Talking to the media, author and Chef-preneur Tyreece said, “I understand the importance of convenience in the kitchen. All the recipes in My Flexitarian Cookbooks series is designed to be easy to follow, ensuring that you can whip up delicious meals without any hassle.

The series includes two Cookbooks:

  1. Flexitarian Breakfast Cookbook- Flexitarian Breakfast Cookbook is filled with delicious and healthy recipes that will satisfy cravings while also helping create a flexible meal plan with easy-to-follow recipes. This cookbook is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce meat consumption without sacrificing taste.
  2. Flexitarian Lunch Cookbook- The flexitarian diet aims to offer potential various benefits, including weight management, improved overall health, reduced risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers, and increased longevity. By incorporating more plant-based foods and reducing reliance on animal products, individuals may enhance nutrient intake, increase dietary fiber, and reduce the consumption of saturated fats and processed meats.

​It’s important to note that the flexitarian diet is flexible and can be tailored to individual preferences and needs. Some people may choose to limit animal products to specific days of the week, while others may opt for meatless meals during weekdays and allow for occasional meat consumption on weekends.

To learn more and book a copy, visit: https://cheftyreece.com/.

About the Author.

Chef Tyreece Cummings is a culinary master with over two decades of expertise in fine dining, dietary lifestyle cuisine and more. Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Chef Tyreece is now focused on making flexitarian cooking easy, simple and accessible to all. Through these two cookbooks, Chef Tyreece is on a mission to blend a plant-based diet with flexible culinary delights.

About Ala Carte.

Ala Carte was founded by Chef Tyreece Cummings. The brand focuses on creating ebooks, courses and other educational materials to help people enjoy the freedom of dietary choices without feeling confined to a specific dietary niche while promoting a sustainable and personalized approach to healthy eating.

Ala Carte plans to expand its brand’s footprint in the culinary world. Chef Tyreece’s commitment to inspiring healthy choices will manifest through innovative cookbooks and digital products. A key focus is on nurturing the next generation of chef-preneurs, providing individuals with the tools and guidance needed to embark on successful culinary journeys. Chef Tyreece’s vision extends beyond the kitchen, aiming to create a lasting impact on how people approach food, health, and entrepreneurship.

Media Contact:
Name: Tyreece Cummings
Email: tyreece1cummings@gmail.com
Website: https://cheftyreece.com/