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Zoom Socials: Planning Virtual Team Bonding Activities


Over the years, there has been a significant shift in how people work. Many companies have embraced work setups, which means that employees need to find ways to connect and engage with their colleagues. One tool that has gained popularity for collaboration is Zoom. A multimedia platform that enables individuals and teams to hold virtual meetings, webinars, and more. Given this context, organizations are now exploring ways to leverage Zoom for team bonding activities. This guide will explore some ideas for planning virtual team bonding activities using Zoom.

Virtual Ice-breaker Activities

Often, remote teams struggle with bonding with their fellow team members. While platforms like Docebo, Motivosity, or Qooper optimize employee engagement, it is essential that organizations use tools like Zoom for team bonding. Thus, here are a few virtual ice-breaker activities that your team can try on the platform.

1. Virtual Coffee Chats

One of the challenges of working is missing out on those casual coffee break conversations with colleagues. With Zoom, however, you can recreate these moments virtually. Organize coffee break sessions where team members can come together in a setting and share what they’ve been up to outside of work. This simple activity helps foster camaraderie. Allows everyone to connect on a level.

2. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a classic icebreaker game that can be easily adapted to the world using Zoom’s chat function or breakout rooms feature. Take turns sharing two statements about yourselves and one false statement. The rest of the team can guess which statement is false. It’s a way to learn more about each other while having a laugh.

2. Virtual Escape Rooms

Did you know escape rooms can be also done? Use video conferencing platforms like Zoom to challenge your team’s problem-solving skills. Work together in groups to solve puzzles and escape rooms within a given time limit.

3. Scavenger Hunts

Plan a virtual scavenger hunt where team members have to find items around their homes within a time frame. To make it more engaging, use features like screen sharing or breakout rooms on Zoom for challenges and communication within groups.

Virtual Activities for Team Development

Want to make your team better and more aligned with the company’s goals and with each other? Try these virtual team development activities.

1. Webinars/Guest Speaker Sessions

Arrange for webinars or invite guest speakers who can share insights, industry updates, or their expertise on topics. This activity promotes growth and helps team members stay connected with the latest trends in their field.

2. Sharing Skills Sessions

Tap into the range of skills within your team and encourage peer-to-peer learning by organizing skill-sharing sessions. Motivate team members to take turns leading workshops where they can teach others their areas of expertise, whether it’s design, programming, public speaking, or cooking. This activity fosters communication and collaboration and boosts everyone’s confidence in sharing their knowledge.

Virtual Trivia Events

Have fun and keep your team engaged with the following trivia events. 

1. Virtual Game Nights

Bring back the charm of game nights with adaptations of classic board games like Pictionary or charades using shared screens on platforms like Zoom. Alternatively, explore multiplayer games that are popular among teams, such as QuizUp or the Jackbox Party Pack series.

2. Knowledge Competitions

Arrange trivia events centered around your industry or general knowledge topics that everyone can participate in. Splitting the team into groups and utilizing rooms can introduce a friendly, competitive spirit while sparking engaging discussions among team members.


Virtual team bonding plays a role in fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among teams. With tools like Zoom for video conferencing, planning engaging activities that promote teamwork, personal growth, and enjoyment becomes convenient! You can make use of icebreaker activities to initiate conversations among colleagues who may not have met in person. Another idea is to organize escape rooms that enhance problem-solving skills. With Zoom technology, there are possibilities when it comes to planning engaging virtual team bonding activities.

So feel free to unleash your creativity and design team bonding experiences. The sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and professional development that ensues will undoubtedly strengthen the connections among your team members. Enable everyone to thrive in their work environment.