World scientists call for the promotion of public scientific literacy


BEIJING , Dec.14 , 2020 / 7Newswire / – A statement from

On December 8, a television forum under the theme “Science in an Uncertain World” was held in Beijing, co-sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and CGTN Think Tank. Ten Nobel laureates, 30 Chinese academics, and 300 young scientists attended both online and offline, discussing the role of science and the importance of scientific literacy amid challenges.

The world has faced multiple challenges in 2020, indicating the importance of science and technology, as well as the importance of collaboration. Therefore, the forum is very relevant.

At the forum, HuaiJinpeng, executive vice president of CAST and academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, described the scientific literacy of the public as a cornerstone of good social development and governance. Science education and communication are the fundamental way for the public to understand science, he noted. Huai called for innovation and utilization of all forms of media to enhance scientific literacy.

He also said that CAST is dedicated to promoting international and intercultural understanding and trust, and is willing to cooperate with its global peers in innovation and efforts to increase scientific literacy in order to contribute to a sustainable global economic recovery and enhance the global governance.

China Media Group Chairman and Editor Shen Haixiong said that the COVID-19 pandemic has once again demonstrated that all of humanity is a community with a shared future. To enhance the scientific literacy of the public, he added, it is essential to promote an atmosphere that respects, trusts and relies on science and deepens cooperation between the scientific community and the media.

Addressing global challenges is not just the responsibility of politicians and elites, but a mission for the media, scientists and the general public alike, Shen said.

Zhong Nanshan, a respiratory expert from China, examined China’s experience in fighting COVID-19. He said that adhering to scientific innovation guarantees solutions to basic scientific problems related to coronavirus.

Nobel laureates, Chinese academics, including Zhang Boli, and participating young scientists discussed topics including the perspectives of young scientific talents and the importance and necessity of increasing public scientific literacy. Beyond that, topics such as the use of traditional Chinese medicine in public health crises and the prospects for clean energy were also discussed.

They agreed that promoting science literacy globally is crucial to tackling challenges like COVID-19 and climate change and that scientists should play a more active role in bridging the gap between science and the public. . In addition, they noted that the media should fully serve as an important channel for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and information. They urged the scientific community to stay open and improve international cooperation.

The event with the 2020 World Conference on Scientific Literacy has become a platform on science and technology for international organizations. This forum combined the respective advantages of CAST and CGTN. Hopefully, those efforts would be expanded with further cooperation with CGTN, which is a professional in international communications, contributing to the global science and technology landscape.