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Will Poland’s New Government Affect the Marriott Criminal Investigation?


In October 2023 parliamentary elections were held in Poland.

Government Elections in Poland

The ruling Law and Justice Party, had been successful in the previous two elections, having remained in power for eight years. In the 2023 elections, the Law and Justice Party were challenged by a coalition of parties headed by the Civic Platform Party, led by Donald Tusk.

Donald Tusk had been involved in Polish domestic politics since the late 1980’s, however in 2014, he stepped back from his involvement in Polish politics. He was appointed as president of the European Council, remaining in this role until 2019 and returning to Polish domestic politics in 2021.

In the 2023 parliamentary elections, the Civic Coalition Party a coalition of Poland’s Third Way, New Left party and Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform party were successful, and elected to form a new government.

In leading the Civic Platform party, Donald Tusk was elected to become Prime minister. His cabinet were officially appointed in December 2013.

Voter turnout in the 2023 government elections in Poland was 74.4%. This was substantial. The highest turnout of the electorate in contested elections, and the highest turnout since the fall of the communist part in 1989.

Poland’s New Government

The new Polish Government, under the guise of Donald Tusk, represented something of a political revolution in respect of their election success of 2023.

The Law and Justice party, defeated by Donald Tusk’s coalition, had actively promoted traditional conservative positions on a host of family and social issues, during their eight years in power.

There had been a great deal of criticism of the previous Polish government during these eight years, and many complained about authoritarian practices and undue influence over the judiciary and the media, as well as corruption, financial impropriety and cronyism.

As a member of the European Community, the activities of the ruling Law and Justice party in Poland also led to series of conflicts with the European Commission.

The European Commission launched a number of serious legal actions against the Polish Government, citing concerns regarding political control over the judiciary and the “rule of law” in Poland.

The 2023 parliamentary elections, and the appointment of Donald Tusk as Prime Minister, saw sweeping new changes to the political landscape in Poland. A raft of policy decisions was instituted which re-appraised the approach to contemporary issues in Polish politics, including LGBT policies and migration policy. In addition to these issues, problematic matters such as judicial reform, media influence and relations with the European Community were also to be recalibrated.

The new government of Donald Tusk addressed key issues such as corruption, cronyism and media mis-management which had long affected the reputation of Poland, especially in Europe.

Disputes with the European Community, which have withheld substantial sums due to Poland because of the various legal conflicts, will also be a key issue. There will be a genuine effort on behalf of the new Polish government to repair the relationship between the European Community and Poland.

Will Poland’s New Government Affect the Marriott Criminal Investigation?

The new Polish government has inherited a domestic economy which is growing faster and more consistently than any other European member state.

Headed by prime minister Donald Tusk, a former President of the European Union, there is a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the European Community within the new Polish government.

The new government has also placed a very high priority on restoring the reputation and good-standing of Poland, within the European Community and around the world.

With an emphasis on addressing judicial reform, corruption and sovereignty, this would place matters such as Marriott Hotels legal issues front and center with the Polish government. Marriotts legal disagreement, which is with the Polish consortium The Lim Company, and the ensuing criminal investigations, place Marriott in direct conflict with the new Polish government.

The Lim Company, a consortium which includes Lot Airlines, the Polish national carrier, increases the likelihood of scrutiny by Polish authorities, particularly the new government of Donald Tusk.

As the matter proceeds through the European Court, it will certainly garner the attention of many interested parties, not least the Polish government.

The legal proceedings, and subsequent criminal investigations involving Marriott are a serious matter and substantial sums are involved. Long-established Polish, European and world-wide organizations are also embroiled in the investigations.

Poland’s new government, having made an election promise to restore the faith in Poland’s reputation, to tackle corruption and related associated issues, suggests that there will certainly be an effect on the Marriott criminal investigation.

Whether by influence, legislation or direct intervention, the criminal investigations into Marriott Hotels in Poland can certainly be expected to be affected by Poland’s new government.

Their undertaking to tackle business corruption will doubtless feature, as the legal matters proceed and the criminal investigations against Marriott unfold.