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Why Do You Need Bamboo Bedsheets and Weighted Blankets?


Unarguably, the kind of bedsheet you sleep on determines how comfortable you would be when sleeping. This same goes for the blanket. Over the years, more bedsheets and blankets are being produced.

However, from the many choices available in markets today, the bamboo bed sheets and weighted blankets stand out. This is because both of the beddings provide comfort while sleeping. Let us discuss more the bamboo bed sheets and weighted blanket.

What are bamboo bedsheets?

The bamboo bedsheets are mostly produced from 100% bamboo viscose making them so silky, smooth and cool to sleep on. The sheets are processed from bamboo fibers which include modal fabric, rayon, and lyocell.

The bamboo bedsheets may vary depending on the kind of weaves used. These weaves make them give different feel on the skin. These weaves include sateen, percale, and twill.

What Are The Advantages of Using The Bamboo Bedsheets?

There are many pros of sleeping on this kind of sheet.

It is durable. The Bamboo Bedsheets are quite notable for how strong and long lasting they are. Interestingly, the bamboo bedsheets are so soft, silky, smooth, and sleeky. They are not the kind of sheets that are hard on the skin causing irritation.

These sheets don’t emit unpleasant odor. It is unlike some bedsheets that smell after several uses. It is made from sustainable textile and this makes it breathable because it doesn’t use toxic chemicals in production.

What is a weighted blanket?

This is a blanket that hugs you while sleeping. It is fluffy and smooth at the same time. No beddings complement each other better than bamboo bedsheets and weighted blanket.

The weighted blanket is simply known for its calming effect on sleepers because it is perceived to be therapeutic. Many sleepers who struggle with sleeping disorders, anxiety, insomnia, and stress use it. It has deep pressure on you.

What are The Benefits of Using the Weighted Blanket?

There are many benefits of using this blanket.

It is breathable. The weighted blanket is unlike some blankets that use toxic chemicals. It allows the free flow of air through the loops.

It helps to improve the quality of sleep. The weighted blanket envelopes you and serves as bedding that helps you fall asleep faster than expected.

It is good for adults and older kids. This is not just for sleeping. It helps you feel relaxed and calmer during the day while resting. You should not use this kind of blanket for toddlers or infants.

It helps to boost serotonin which is the mood hormone. As such, this weighted blanket makes you happy at all times. Therefore, it helps to calm your nervous system.

This blanket only uses 10% of the body weight. This means that, whenever you are buying a weighted blanket, consider your body weight. For adults, this blanket is mostly between 12 pounds- 20 pounds.


The weighted blanket is a good blanket that gives you a good feel. It uses deep pressure stimulation to keep you relaxed and calm. It helps to improve sleep quality. The bamboo bedsheets are smooth, breathable, and durable. There is no better sheet because it is odorless and naturally antimicrobial.