Have you ever been compared to an animal as an insult?

The act should not be encouraged, but we do share a lot in common with animals. In fact, scientifically, humans are regarded as complex animals. For more information on this subject, you can check here.

So, talking about things humans have in common with animals, a mental state is one of them. Just like you, your pets have emotions and can express them. Your dog, cat, or any other pet of yours can be happy, sad, excited, bored, active, passive… and show a whole lot of temperaments.

This means that in dealing with your pet, you should not only be concerned about the state of physical health. You should understand that your canine, feline, or exotic animal has feelings.

With this in mind, you are expected to do all reasonably possible to make your dog happy. Failure to do this can cause mental health problems like separation anxiety.

In this article, we will be discussing separation anxiety and how using CBD oil can help a dog faced with this condition. Ultimately, you will see how this helps you raise a happy and coordinated dog.

What Is Separation Anxiety?

This is a mental disorder caused by a pet feeling left out and alone, making them resort to irrational behaviors like injuring themselves, violating lessons learned from training, and being destructive.

To help the situation, many pet owners make the mistake of using tactics such as punishment, getting another pet as a company, embarking on training, making use of a crate, among others.

Although these are good intentions, they do not work. This is because these tactics do not resolve the root cause of the problem. For information on tactics that can help a dog with separation anxiety, you can visit: https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/does-your-dog-freak-out-when-you-leave

CBD Oil in Treating Separation anxiety

Apart from CBD oil, other cannabidiol products can help animals overcome separation anxiety.

Examples include using cannabidiol products that are topicals and treats. However, we strongly recommend that CBD oil be used for treating separation anxiety. This is clearly because of the edge it has over the others. Let us go over some of the strong competitive advantages it has over other forms.

Higher Concentration of Cannabidiol

Compared to topicals, CBD oil has a larger concentration of the medicinal chemical compound. This means that it is more effective when used for this purpose. By using CBD oil, the pet with destructive tendencies will be relieved amazingly fast without psychoactive effects.

Drug Bioavailability and Quick Results

Unlike the topical options, CBD oil interacts directly with the bloodstream. This means that the effects of the chemical compound will be felt around the entire body.

Furthermore, the chemical components of the drug are put to good and long-lasting use this way. This is especially if the oil variant is a water-soluble one.

Easy to Store and Reuse

As with many other kinds of chemicals, cannabidiol does not do so well when exposed to certain temperatures. As a result, it needs appropriate packaging that can shield it from harsh conditions.

This is not often a problem because of how the oil is packaged and used. The same cannot be said about CBD treats.

Even with good packaging, when opened, the protection of the drug is heavily dependent on the user as it can become exposed. As a result, CBD oil is better even though they both interact with the pet’s bloodstream.

Easy to Use

CBD oil is quite common among pet owners that use cannabidiol products on their animal companions. This is for many reasons including the ease of use.

With CBD oil, the chance of overdosing your pet is very unlikely. This is because every drop has a specific amount of cannabidiol concentrate. You are simply supposed to add the required amount of drops under the tongue of the animal.


For a fact, we know CBD oil and other forms of cannabidiol products are safe and effective. This is even though they are still considered experimental drugs. However, before using any of these products on your pet, you should:

  • Consult with your veterinarian. This is to ensure that using CBD oil is the best option and is safe for them.
  • Buy from a credible source. The product must meet certain safety and potency standards. You can check Holistapet for more information on such products.
  • Start with small doses and keep increasing until you see the expected changes. However, you should know some pets are allergic to certain additions in some products. So, if you notice unexpected reactions, you should reduce the dosage and stop if it persists.

On a Final Note

Are you a pet parent, owner, or guardian with a pet dealing with separation anxiety? If yes, you should know that the negative attitude caused by this disorder can be treated using CBD oil. As seen above, this option is better than many other cannabidiol options. In that light, you should take advantage of this after getting the consent of your veterinarian.