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What Price Should I Sell My House For in Kettering and Rushden?


According to property experts including estate Agents in Rushden, choosing the correct selling price for your property in Kettering or Rushden is a crucial decision that impacts the speed of sale and potential profit. This thorough manual covers the intricacies of the real estate markets in these two towns, detailing important trends, pricing tactics, and factors to keep in mind when determining your asking price. Equipped with up-to-date data and a thorough grasp of market trends, this article will assist you in confidently setting a competitive and realistic selling price for your home. 

Understanding the Kettering Property Market

Recent Sales Trends

Over the past year, the overall average house price in Kettering was approximately £249,092. This figure reflects a 6% decrease compared to the previous year, showcasing some cooling in the market. However, it also represents a 1% increase from the 2021 peak of £245,950, indicating a resilient property value landscape. Notably, semi-detached homes, which are particularly popular, averaged £243,548, while terraced properties traded for an average of £198,620. The highest prices were seen in detached homes, fetching an average of £377,979.

Market Fluctuations

The observed decrease in prices by 6% from the previous year suggests a shift towards a buyer’s market, where buyers have more leverage over price negotiations. However, the marginal increase from the 2021 peak prices suggests underlying strength. When pricing your property, these fluctuations are critical as they indicate the overall market sentiment and potential buyer behavior.

Rushden Property Insights

Pricing Overview

Properties in Rushden saw an overall average price of £258,380 last year, slightly higher than in Kettering. Similar to Kettering, semi-detached homes dominated the sales, with an average price of £258,651. Terraced houses were sold for an average of £212,790, whereas detached properties commanded a premium, averaging £384,588.

Comparative Analysis

Like Kettering, Rushden experienced a 6% decline in property prices compared to the previous year, paired with a 2% increase over the 2021 peak price of £254,005. According to property experts including estate agents in Kettering, this parallel trend across both towns suggests that broader regional or national economic factors might be influencing housing prices, potentially offering a buffer against local fluctuations.

Factors Influencing House Prices in Kettering and Rushden

  1. Property Type and Condition: Different property types, such as semi-detached, terraced, or detached homes, attract varying demand and prices. The condition of the property also plays a crucial role in its valuation.
  2. Local Amenities and Infrastructure: Properties closer to essential amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, as well as those with good transport links, tend to attract higher prices due to increased desirability.
  3. Economic Climate: The broader economic environment affects buyer confidence and purchasing power, directly impacting the real estate market.
  4. Market Trends: Interest rates, mortgage availability, and national economic indicators can significantly affect buyer behavior and property values.

Setting the Right Price

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A thorough Comparative Market Analysis is essential. This involves comparing your property to similar properties that have recently been sold or are currently on the market in Kettering or Rushden. Adjust your price based on differentiators such as size, condition, improvements, and location advantages.

Consider Market Conditions

Because of the current absence of demand in the market, it is crucial to establish a price for your property that is attractive to potential buyers and accurately reflects its worth. It is recommended to start negotiations at a price slightly higher than the usual sale price to leave room for bargaining, while remaining flexible to changes in the market. 

Consult with Professionals

Working together with a knowledgeable real estate agent who understands the markets in Kettering and Rushden can provide valuable insights. Their expertise in pricing, marketing, and negotiation is crucial for securing the highest possible sales price. 


Finding the perfect selling price for your Kettering or Rushden home involves balancing local market trends, assessing your property’s distinctive qualities, and considering the economic environment. By thoroughly examining these factors and utilizing expert guidance, you can establish a price that not just draws in potential buyers but also optimizes your financial gain. Remain flexible in response to feedback and market conditions in order to secure a successful and profitable sale.