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Ultimate Guitar Buying Guide: 5 Things You Must Know Before You Pay for It


Choosing the right guitar to invest in is pretty much a confusing fact especially when it’s the first time you buy a guitar. Eventually, skilled players often make mistakes in choosing or buying the right one for them. In this case, the most essential fact is following a proper Guitar Buying Guide.

Well, you must know that a guitar can be of different materials, mechanisms, functions, and types. Even the same types can have several subtypes. That’s why choosing the right guitar for you can be confusing. However, if it’s your first time buying a guitar or a tenth, you must follow proper guidance. You can follow the Zager guitar blog as well.

Today, we will share complete guidance for buying guitars. So, keep reading to learn everything you should be aware of while choosing the right guitar.

What Type of Guitar Is Good for You?

The first thing you should consider is the guitar type. You should consider your preference and purpose of use. There are different types of guitars for specific purposes. Let’s first learn about types and their specific purpose of use:

  • Acoustic guitars: The most popular type that guitarists use to play music styles like folk, country, blues, and singer-songwriter music.
  • Electric Guitars: Specifically good for genres like rock, jazz, blues, metal, and many modern music styles.
  • Classical Guitars: These are the Nylon-string Guitar, primarily used in classical music and certain styles of folk and jazz.
  • Bass Guitars: Another popular type, good for providing the foundational low-end groove in music. It can be used to play music like rock, funk, jazz, and pop.
  • Flamenco Guitars: These special guitars are designed for flamenco music. They create rapid, percussive rhythms and require intricate fingerstyle techniques.

Besides, there are some other guitar types even though they are not so popular among beginners.

For example, Resonator Guitars for a louder, more resonant sound, 12-string guitars for a lush, chorus-like sound, and archtop Guitar for jazz and blues music.

Guitar Buying Guide: Choose the Right Guitar

Now, let’s come to the core point about what to consider while buying a guitar. Here, I have added some factors that you should check well no matter if it’s your first guitar or not.

1.    Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar

When it’s about guitars, one common confusion is picking between acoustic or electric. If you want to play rock, metal, pop, and country music, pick an electric guitar. This type of guitar is smaller in size and they need a lot of equipment to play with.

For multipurpose use, the acoustic guitar is great. This guitar is slightly bigger even though it is easy to carry. Also, new players can easily learn to play acoustic guitar without any practical courses. To play music like folk, country, and unplugged styles, you can use acoustic guitars.

2.    Look for the Right Guitar Size and Shape

Both Electric and Acoustic guitars have their specific criteria and variations in body shapes and sizes. Usually, acoustic guitars come in shapes like dreadnought, concert, jumbo, and parlor.

On the other hand, electric guitars have different body shapes like Stratocaster, telecaster, and Les Paul.

In terms of sizes, they all have their categories. In this case, it’s always a good idea to check the sizes and shapes from a store. You can try them in your hand, holding, and playing to see which shape and size.

Consider whether you prefer a longer or shorter scale length based on your hand size and playing technique.

3.    Check the Guitar Performance in Person

For sure different guitar types and models have variations in their performance. Now, the question is exactly what you prefer. To learn your preference, you should research a lot. Make sure to listen to many guitar types to understand your preferences well.

Check factors like action that means, string height, fretboard radius, and overall ergonomics. Also, listen to the tone produced by the guitar. Acoustic guitars should have a balanced, resonant sound. But electric guitars create different types of tones through pickups and amp settings.

4.    Wisely Choose the Brand

A guitarist should invest in the guitar, not in the brand. So, you should choose the brand wisely. Do some research in listening to guitars of brands like Zager, Fender, Gibson, Tylor, Orange, etc. The more you research, the better your choice will be.

However, make sure to look for models over brands. There are some popular brands and some of their models are not up to the mark.

If you want to buy from a brand that produces not a single garbage-quality model, you can choose one from Zager Guitar. This brand launches a lot of guitar models and types to choose from. You can check Zager Guitar Blogs to learn more about the models to make the right decision.

5.    Be Careful While Buying Second Hand Guitar

If you are planing to buy an old or second guitar, there are multiple options. However, you need to test it well before paying for it. Sometimes, an old guitar provides better value for your money. You have to check it carefully to make sure that there is no damage or broken parts.

If you are not confident about the testing, you can ask a professional or a familiar person who is good at playing guitars. Also, don’t forget to negotiate to get the guitar at the best price.

Also, you should carefully choose your budget. Make sure to set a budget not just for your guitar but also for the other guitar accessories. If it’s an electric guitar, I guess, you need to buy some more accessories. Consider all these facts to choose the right one.

Wrapping Up

A guitar is not a one-time product and making a wrong decision won’t matter. Besides, a wrong guitar can badly impact your performance and motivation to learn and play guitars. So, you should be careful while choosing the right guitar no matter if it’s your first guitar or the tenth one.

This brief but all-in-one guitar-buying guide helps you well. You can make a checklist to take to the store so that you can check all the facts one after another. Best wishes for you.