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UFC Light Heavyweight And Veteran Kickboxer Dustin “The Hanyak” Jacoby Is Coming To The Blockchain


Non-fungible tokens have become all the rage. They are units of data that can be stored on a blockchain and are typically accessed through a simple digital trading card. Although blockchain technology is commonly used for various applications, such as voting and currency, it should not be confused with cryptocurrencies or NFT.

Professional athletes in mixed martial arts are often underpaid. There are various ways to boost their pay, such as using NFTs and cryptocurrency. One platform that has gained popularity is Marshall Rogan Inu, which is a decentralized platform that connects users.

Other methods are also available to boost a fighter’s earnings. One of these is using blockchain technology to market his or her brand. In an interview with Combat Press, former professional mixed martial artist and cryptocurrency enthusiast Joe Jacoby revealed that he plans on launching a project that will feature his Hanyak NFTs. He also plans on creating a cartoon character based on his brand. The cartoon character will help bring in a larger audience and make his brand more popular.

Jacoby also stated that he would like to create a Hanyak figure that would feature his NFTs. He wants to create a cartoon character based on his experiences, such as training with the Hanyak. As for the cartoon character, he noted that he would like to create something that would appeal to a wide variety of audiences and expand his brand.

He has a long history in the sport of mixed martial arts. At the age of 24, he was promoted to the roster of the UFC. Unfortunately, his professional career ended after back-to-back losses. He then went on to become a professional fighter in the pro kickboxing division.

From 2013 to 2018, Jacoby competed in the GLORY Kickboxing division. During his time in the organization, he fought for the title against Simon Marcus in 2016. In 2019, Jacoby won a one-night heavyweight tournament that featured various boxing matches, mixed martial arts and kickboxing matches. This led to him being invited to participate in the upcoming season of Dana White’s Contender Series.

After winning the tournament, he was able to secure a contract with the company and make his second professional appearance in the organization. In November 2021, he stepped in to face John Allan. Although he was able to win the fight, Jacoby noted that he did not feel like he was able to perform well or focus enough after watching the replay.

He said that he did not have a full camp before his fight against Allan. Jacoby and his team have been working on various aspects of his game since watching the replay. On Saturday, Jacoby will step into the Octagon once again to face off against Polish fighter Oleksiejczuk. This will be his ninth professional appearance in the organization.

Jacoby said he knew about the upcoming fight against Oczewsk for about 11 weeks. He also told reporters that he was able to prepare for his previous fights by working with various coaches and believes he was able to win them due to the amount of time he had spent preparing.