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Truck Accident Lawyers: A Leading Houston Law Firm is Receiving a Lot of Attention in News Reports for Protecting Crash Victims’ Rights and Obtaining Just Compensation.



In Houston, one leading truck accident law firm is receiving a lot of attention in news reports. And this is for good reasons only. Its extraordinary expertise and unmatched commitment helps it protect the rights of victims. Also, it helps the law firm to obtain fair compensation for personal injury victims. Its knowledgeable truck accident lawyers make it a go-to destination. It has been home to people seeking justice in this challenging legal field.

Injured in a truck accident? Or seeking justice for your loved one who died in a crash? Your reason is valid and this personal injury law firm has got you covered. It has unwavering dedication to truck accident victims. Also, it has an attractive track record of successful results.

The Firm’s Personal Injury Case Results in Houston

Since 1979, the law firm has been handling truck accident claims. It has handled and tried both small and big cases. Let’s find some of the latest personal injury case results.

$233,124.00 Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident Jury Verdict

According to the personal injury law firm’s official website, plaintiff (49) was enjoying her car drive down I-10 in Houston when a commercial motor vehicle carrying 18 ceramic insulators lost the load on the highway in traffic.

After hitting one of the insulators, she suffered an aggravation of her pre-existing spondylolisthesis in the lumbar spine. She required serious medical care, which included surgery of the lumbar.

The victim went to ER 4 after four days. It was at this time that a qualified chiropractor diagnosed a spondylolisthesis for surgery ten years before following four prior injuries to the back. The lawsuit went to the trial stage in Harris County.

The outcome was that the perpetrator was found negligent and endowed $233,124.00. Costs were $51,645.81, and truck accident lawyer fees were $93,249.60. The breakdown for the award was:

  • 115K future pain and suffering
  • 30K past pain and suffering
  • 30K future lost earnings
  • 20K past lost earnings
  • 60K future physical impairment
  • 15K past physical impairment
  • 20K past medical

18-Wheeler Truck Accident Compensation of Up to $1,264,113.60

The personal injury law firm secured a $1,264,113.60 reimbursement on behalf of a victim. The victim was involved in one of the most challenging cases. On a Texas interstate, the victim was seriously hurt. His minivan was rear-ended by the 18-wheeler truck.

The investigating police officers determined that the victim was stopped in the travel moving lanes instead of on the shoulder as the law in Texas requires. He was, therefore, solely blamed for causing the accident.

Despite this tough police report, the experienced Houston truck accident lawyers quickly and aggressively started litigation once the injured client called them. By investigating thoroughly, the lawyers discovered that the 18-wheeler truck was responsible for causing the incident.

The driver of the 18-wheeler truck also failed to act as a knowledgeable motorist. This was also determined by the experienced truck accident lawyer. If the driver had been defensively driving according to the Texas road rules, the truck could have effortlessly avoided crushing the plaintiff. The lawyer also proved and determined that the 18-wheeler truck company knew or should have had information that their employee was dangerous to road users and the public.

What does this mean? The company shouldn’t have permitted the driver to drive their commercial motor vehicle. This incident caused serious knee and arm injuries for the victim, which needed instant surgeries and high-quality medical services to repair.

The victim also suffered a deep cut on his head. After the initial surgeries, one of his arms became infected. He had to endure constant and tremendous suffering, which took several months, leading to medical bills of more than $100,000. After fighting for the client, the experienced lawyers’ fees were $492,644.63. Claim experiences amounted to $14,806.72.

Other Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

These are two of the hundreds of personal injury case results the firm has managed to secure. It has also collected:

  • $11,900,000.00 electrocuted worker burn injury reimbursement
  • $300,000.00 dog bite compensation
  • $1,387,500.00 drunk driving accident settlement
  • $955,000.00 slip and fall accident premises liability reimbursement

About the Firm

Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. is the law firm currently making headlines. It started protecting the rights of truck accident victims in 1979. The personal injury law firm has earned a reputation for:

  • Protecting the rights of accident victims
  • Securing just compensations and settlements for its Houston clients

You’ll find and interact with friendly and experienced truck accident lawyers at this firm. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. legal experts have been tirelessly fighting for thousands of trucking accident victims. The truck accident lawyer will always be committed to reducing liability expenses and damages.

Have you been seriously injured? Or your loved one has died due to serious truck injuries? It is times like these that expert help becomes important. Experienced lawyers will protect your rights. They’ll ensure you receive just compensation.

Don’t allow these established corporations to sweep negligence and evidence under the rug. Partner with a leading personal injury law firm that has enough resources, expertise, and experience to fight these businesses.