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TOP 10 sites for playing Sudoku online


Sudoku has spiked in popularity since the advent of the Internet, as players no longer have to wait for a weekly newspaper to launch headlong into the game. In this brief article, we’ll take a closer look at the most popular websites dedicated to online sudoku 9×9 and their key advantages.


1. Escape Sudoku

If you’re a Sudoku enthusiast looking for a platform with all the popular variations of this puzzle game, Escape Sudoku is your go-to. In addition to using advanced algorithms to solve challenges when stuck, you can check the leaderboard with other competitors and check out your player profile to track your progress. To find out more about Escape Sudoku, read more on their website or rush headlong into a sudoku 9×9 medium with their free puzzles.

2. Sudoku.com


As one of the most popular Sudoku platforms in the world, Sudoku.com has a lot to offer. It’s user-friendly, has a wide range of games with different difficulty levels, and boasts useful tips and playing advice.

3. Web Sudoku


Another go-to for Sudoku enthusiasts is Web Sudoku. In addition to the website, the platform boasts a user-friendly app. With four difficulty levels, this site is a perfect choice for Sudoku newbies and skilled players who can challenge themselves with the Evil level.

4. Sudoku.game


Four difficulty levels and daily quests are the perfect way to boost your game skills. In addition to Sudoku, this site features Spider, Solitaire, and Mahjong.

5. Sudoku.academy


From fun tutorials to guided lessons, Sudoku.academy is a great place to learn the game. In addition to different difficulty levels and an interactive interface, players will upgrade and polish their Sudoku strategies.

6. Lovatts Crossword & Puzzle


Lovatts Crossword & Puzzle is both a popular printed puzzle magazine and a fan-favorite online Sudoku platform. If you’re looking for clear-cut instructions, the website is a must-visit.

7. Sudoku Online


The website is a boon for every Sudoku enthusiast with its user-friendly interface, four difficulty levels, and printable Sudoku layouts.

8. New York Times


From crosswords and Wordle to Sudoku, The Times has been publishing engaging puzzles for decades. The clear-cut interface and endless hints make this site a hit among Sudoku fans.

9. Sudoku Table


Difficulty levels, a free app, and a user-friendly interface — there are multiple reasons to visit Sudoku Table. The site also features other head-scratchers and games, like Mahjong and jigsaw puzzles.

10. FunBrain


Give your brain a challenge with this fun Sudoku website. Cute interface, multiple difficulty levels, and a wide range of games, books, and videos you can browse by grade and type.


You’re all set! Hopefully, this rating of the top 10 online websites will help you find your new favorite platform for enjoying some Sudoku brain twisters.