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Top 10 ERP Open Source Projects 


If a business has more than just a few employees, then there is much stuff to deal with. Such as pricing products and planning them; accounting/ finance of money disposal – salaries paying, stock management. This is what some businesses try to solve through using all kinds of tools, which may be fast and inexpensive but a bit messy.

However, there is a catch – this disorganized approach does not work well when the business continues to thrive. All those different tools have a tendency to not work well together and are far from an easy thing to keep in order. So, what’s the solution? Such a solution is referred to as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and, among the major players here are Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

These systems incorporate a wide range of things but can also be rather costly. So, that’s why these ERP systems are quite in demand. If you want to get your hands on the development of these projects, learning from open source is the best option. Check out this list of some Top 10 ERP Open Source Projects and choose the best for your next development!

ERP Open Source Projects 

ERP Open Source Projects are software projects that focus on the development, improvement or maintenance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems; and source code for these systems is freely available to anyone. In simpler words, such projects use ERP software code that can be used and changed by anybody.

ERP systems are integrated software packages that assist organisations to handle different facets of their operations. This ranges from finance, HR to inventory, supply chains CRM and others. ERP systems are intended to consolidate and incorporate these disparate functions into a single interface, offering an all-encompassing perspective on business operations.

ERP Open Source Projects are easily available at the platforms such as Open Source Collection, Github, or Gitlab. So if you want to contribute or use them you can visit these sites…

Top 10 ERP Open Source Projects available at OSC

Here we are sharing a list of some very easy-to-use and easily available Top 10 ERP Open Source Projects available at OSC(Open Source Collection).


Akaunting serves as a highly supportive friend to many small business owners and freelancers. It is an open-source online accounting software that you would not pay anything for and the code can be viewed by everyone. It was created using sophisticated and contemporary technologies such as Laravel, VueJS, Tailwind or RESTful API. The best part? Akaunting consists of a modular structure that can be compared to separate blocks. This gives room for users and developers to include more inputs via an amazing App Store. It is like a Toy Store for your accounting software where you can pick and choose the cool tools that add to it. Therefore, managing business money with Akaunting is supremely easy and convenient!


Grocy is your home groceries and household stuff’s personal assistant, though much more than just a fancy fridge. This is akin to having your personalized web-based application in which you can keep track of everything. Grocy enables you to organize and manage your grocery list as well as household goods with ease directly from the computer. It is similar to a high-tech housemaid who ensures that you never lack necessary items in the home. Therefore, think of a clever solution to keep your home supplies under control—and that’s what Grocy is all about!


Consider a very cool software set dolibarr. It is similar to a package of computer applications, and lo and behold. For free, you can use it. No matter if you’re running a small business, medium- or large-sized company, or even working as a freelancer – dolibarr is there to lend its hand. This unique software is written in a language called PHP with some additional features using JavaScript. What is terrific about it is that you can use, investigate, revise or distribute whichever way at your convenience provided the license rules are respected.

Ever Gauzy

Let us introduce you to Ever Gauzy, a multi-functional friend designed for managing businesses in the On Demand And Sharing Economy. It is like a giant storehouse for the businesses and it forms part of our bigger tool chest created to deal with On-Demand as well as Sharing Economies. In the sense that Ever Gauzy is your superhero of HRM, for dealing with Human Resources. It enables you to time manage and your amazing team. Here is a tool that does not just let you perform the routine but also sees how people are coping.

Office life

Imagine a company wanting to get the whole picture of everything within its walls, as if it had a full 360-degree vision. The catch is that they have to purchase and install many different tools – HR tools, project management, time-keeping tools etc. Some even need a holiday planner It is as if there were a different tool for each task, and there is not one software that unites them in such an easy way. Today there is a lot of time and money needed to purchase the tools below – especially for small companies with limited budgets.


NexoPOS 4 is similar to an amazing cash register system, in fact— It’s free! It is developed with some advanced technical words like Laravel, TailwindCSS Vue and other open source things. This cash register system is designed to provide the businesses with such tools for the smooth operation of their stores. And here is the best feature NexoPOS 4 comes with an awesome looking and intuitive dashboard that performs well on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. It’s as if you had a personal assistant for your store who travels with you anywhere!

Library Management System

What if there was a magical library system that would handle all matters without librarians working hard? 9 This system is similar to possessing a control room or an “Admin panel” that allows librarians to effortlessly manage the entire process with just 1-2 clicks. It is like a backstage pass to run the library with superpowers! Now, the tech part: This system’s brain, or “backend,” is created with something called Laravel 4.2 PHP MVC Framework It is like the magic ingredient that ensures everything runs smoothly. And for this magic to continue, it requires PHP 5.6 with specific MCrypt extension.


StudX is your school’s manager! It is similar to a special internet computer, which creates using Python 3 and the system in Django architecture. This superhero mechanism maintains user details for student, teacher and employee users. It is like a digital vault that assists in managing all the essential things, which every school needs to deal with on daily basis. StudX is like a helpful clerk who remembers everyone’s information and keeps things functioning well. Thus, be it student records or teacher information – StudX covers them all! It’s your school’s own online wizard that is there to make everything easier.

Barcode Buddy

Suppose you have the Barcode app which is a cool tool for processing barcodes. Finally, in case Barcode Buddy may get a barcode which is already present within the Grocys system then it will do some tricks – utilising that particular product; adding or opening one. However, the interesting thing is that if Barcode Buddy receives a bar code it does not support, then this program becomes an investigator looking for information. It will look for the product name and give you options to choose an appropriate one in the Web UI. It is like a tiny bar code detective that assists you in tracking down the missing information.

Attendance Management System

Think of the Attendance Management System as a web wizard built with Laravel. This wizard allows you to keep track of when the hours begin and end for your employees. It is an enchanting book in which you spell out the number of hours worked by your team and the vacation time they take. Therefore, instead of using a traditional book or manual system this web application saves you all the hassle by providing a click solution to monitor and manage your team’s attendance. It is similar to having a digital assistant who minds all the time-related details for you.

Final Thoughts

The landscape around ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is ever-expanding and dynamic, with open-source projects taking an important part in changing the face of this world. The selection of the Top 10 ERP Open Source Projects presented below reflects the unique nature and creativity inherent in this field. From all-encompassing solutions such as Odoo and ERPNext to niche instruments like Dolibarr and FrontAccounti Open source open nature encourages the community approach to development that ensures improvement, flexibility and cost efficiency. if it is resourceful management, efficacy enhancement or responsiveness to the ever-changing landscape of business needs these ERP projects provide a wide range of solutions for businesses big and small.