Norilsk Nickel takes care of the environment and actively participates in various campaigns and projects aimed at environmental protection.

It is impossible to deny that the world experiences various ecological problems and they have to be dealt with if humanity wants to save the environment. Diverse ecological incidents happen regularly and it is essential to eliminate the consequences the industrial production has on the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, only some companies pay attention to environmental issues and implement projects devoted to nature conservation. 

Although it is impossible to avoid ecological issues, Norilsk Nickel does its utmost to eliminate environmental damage in the regions of its operations. The article will overview an incident that happened in Norilsk recently as well as show the activities and projects devoted to nature protection led by the industrial giant.

A Massive Fuel Spill – Norilsk Nickel Eliminates Environmental Damage

The Norilsk environment suffers from a massive diesel fuel spill that happened in the region recently. Some authorities keep denying their responsibility and blame Norilsk Nickel for the tragedy. Even though it has already been proven that the main cause of the spill is the melting of permafrost, some social media continue mentioning the industrial giant as the one that is in charge of the incident.

The damage is estimated at RUB 21.4BN and Norilsk Nickel is ready to cover all the expenses and provide any help needed for clean-up works that are still ongoing. It is essential to understand that the roots of the problem are deep and the case should be thoroughly investigated in order to avoid such incidents in the future.

Norilsk Nickel plans to continue clean-up works and devote more attention to climate change issues to find out what should be done to prevent such consequences in the future.

Undoubtedly, this incident is the main priority for Norilsk Nickel in the sphere of environmental protection now. However, the industrial giant pays attention to various spheres and has been implementing projects devoted to nature preservation for a long time.

Norilsk Nickel Protects Environment on Various Levels and Implements Diverse Ecological Projects Annually

Norilsk Nickel tries to eliminate environmental damage from industrial production and implements diverse projects that lead to the protection of various spheres. The company pays attention to:

  • air protection
  • water protection
  • biodiversity conservation
  • efficient use of natural resources
  • waste management
  • climate change issues

In the sphere of air protection, Norilsk Nickel does its utmost to reduce emissions in the regions of its operations. It shuts down some plants, upgrades existing facilities, and implements new technologies that lead to the reduction of emissions. The main project in this sphere is the Sulphur project which is planned to be finished by 2022 and the statistics show that all the steps that have already been taken lead to great results as the level of emissions have decreased dramatically so far.

Norilsk Nickel pays attention to water and water bodies protection by constructing local industrial wastewater treatment facilities, upgrading natural draft cooling towers as well as by implementing new water cycle systems. These measures lead to the sustainable use of water resources and help to prevent water pollution.

Norilsk Nickel takes care of the environment by minimizing the environmental impact of the waste it generates. The industrial giant explores various ways of recycling and designs new technologies that help to use production waste.

Moreover, Norilsk Nickel actively takes part in diverse drafts devoted to biodiversity conservation and investigates the issues connected with climate change. It not only keeps records of greenhouse gas emissions but also voluntarily provides information about them.

Also, Nornickel pays attention to the environmental management system that helps to evaluate the present projects and contributes to the sustainable development of the industrial giant. This system boosts environmental safety and enhances the company’s overall performance.

The Norilsk environment is in the right hands as Nornickel participates in diverse ecological projects and cooperates with leading scientists. For instance, the industrial giant was involved in the huge project, in the Great Norilsk expedition, that helped to evaluate the present ecological situation and find out what measures should be taken in order to efficiently protect the environment of the region.

Great Norilsk Expedition and its Main Points and Results

The expedition is led in the Arctic region by top scientists in cooperation with Norilsk Nickel. It has two stages:

  • field stage
  • laboratory stage

and the first one has already been completed. The scientists have investigated the Taimyr Peninsula and collected samples of water, soil, sediment, and plants as well as examined small mammals. All these samples were placed in the laboratories where they will be examined by outstanding scientists and it should lead to:

  • full information about the present condition of the ecological system in the region
  • suggestions for the industrial companies that will lead to further sustainable development and help them to be more eco-friendly
  • future goals and recommendations for environmental projects that could be implemented in the region

It is stated that the expedition is an outstanding project that cannot be compared with anything else. It plays a huge role in the Norilsk environment and it is expected that the results will lead to the sustainable development of industrial production together with reducing the damage it brings to the atmosphere.

All in all, it is vital to take care of the environment nowadays as more and more industrial companies appear constantly. Unfortunately, not all corporations understand the importance of ecological projects as they mostly pay attention to getting profit. Norilsk Nickel eliminates environmental damage as it sets environment protection as one of its main goals.

Nornickel is involved in diverse drafts devoted to nature preservation. It provides full assistance in the incident that happened in Norilsk even though a massive fuel spill is not the fault of Norilsk Nickel. It covers all the expenses and investigates the case in order to prevent such issues in the future.

Moreover, the Norilsk environment is safe as Norilsk Nickel takes care of nature on all levels. It implements various drafts devoted to air and water protection, investigates new approaches to waste management, and contributes to biodiversity conservation.

The Great expedition that has been organized in cooperation with Norilsk Nickel shows that this industrial giant understands the importance of environment protection and does its utmost in order to save the planet.