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This is an amazing story about a new Artist called Bonsekour who re-discovered his passion for music during the pandemic


Bonsekour used to play the violin at a very young age but lost interest after a year of practice, right after high school he enrolled in a music technical school in Montreal, QC to pursue his dream of producing music but again dropped out. He completed his studies in computer science and he had a very successful career of over 12 years as a procurement specialist in the Oil and Gas and Mining sector on multi billion dollar projects overseas.


Regardless his successful career, his passion for music never faded.


Bonsekour always knew the music he wants to make but has finally got the means “to create what he fully envision” during the pandemic.


These days, it’s not surprising when an artist sings about events that happened in his life. Bonsekour is taking things to another level by singing about his past, his life experience, previous relations while expressing himself in a positive and uplifting context.


A POP/DANCE -indebted singer-songwriter with the charm and bearing of a modern pop star, Bonsekour “Just for fun” EP will be a strong debut filled with earworm hooks and memorable, confessional lyrics. He captured Gen Z ennui on the eerily beautiful “I Love You” and portrayed a previous toxic relationship with “She was just a fraud”

He will quickly earn his place among some of the brightest ascending stars in music.

Bonsekour teamed up with a vocal coach and a renowned music producer to work on 10 new singles that will gradually be release between now and the end of Summer.


An Artists worth following online:


Instagram: @Bonsekour

Facebook: @Bonsekour

Website: bonsekour.com