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Solar by Personet Revolutionizes Thailand Sustainable Energy


Thailand’s hot climate and increasing focus on renewable energy resources make it an ideal location for solar panels. Receiving an average of around 2,600 hours of sunlight annually, Thailand has significant potential for solar energy generation.

One of Thailand’s pinnacle and award-winning solar panel installation companies is Solar by Personet. From preliminary session and placement evaluation via machine layout, installation, and excellent after-service support, the company offers a wide variety of services. Helping the locals and other organizations harness the electricity of the solar is Solar by Personet’s task, with an emphasis on client pleasure and brilliant workmanship.

All-in-One Consultation

Every task at Personet Solar begins with a radical session to decide the client’s energy requirements and objectives. This individualized technique guarantees that the presented answer is customized to meet the particular desires of each customer.

Expert Installation

Solar by Personet ensures that each installation project is completed to the very best standards way to its workforce of professional specialists. The organization creates reliable and effective solar electricity structures with the use of top class components and modern technologies.

Continuous Maintenance and Support

The company also offers continuous assistance and supports to their clients after the installation. This includes services such as yearly solar panels maintenance and cleaning, panel check-up, battery and inverters replacement, and more.

The Procedure for Installing Solar Panels

Site Evaluation

The installation procedure begins with a complete site and building inspection. This entails assessing the area to examine in which the solar panels have to be positioned. Elements just like the roof’s pitch, how much sunshine the region receives, and any ability coloration from all surrounding constructions are taken into account at this stage.

System Architecture

System design comes subsequent while the site evaluation is completed. This involves choosing the right type and quantity of solar panels, inverters, and other required parts. The company a variety of panel configuration such as 3000w, 5000w, and 10000w solar configuration. The design needs to be customized to the property’s particular strength requirements and think about any relevant nearby legal guidelines.

Granting permission

After the design process is complete, the company will collaborate with their clients in order to seek the installation permissions from the state electrical departments. The service includes document preparation, document consultation, and more.


After being granted permission to install solar panels on the client’s roofs, the company will then start with the installation process. The entire process will be carried out by qualified professionals with over 10 years of experience using high-quality tools and equipment such as solar batteries, inverters, etc.

System Examination

After completing the installation, the company will then perform a thorough system examination and routine check to make sure it operates to the maximum efficiency and everything is well-setup.

Difficulties with Installing Solar Panels in Thailand:

The First Expenses

For many human beings and businesses, the initial fee of putting in solar panels may be a major impediment. Although there might be giant lengthy-time period savings, the preliminary outlay may also appear overwhelming. However, monetary alternatives and political incentives are hastily lessening this difficulty.

Regulatory Challenges

Getting across the regulatory surroundings is probably difficult at times. It may be hard to comply with neighbourhood legal guidelines and steady the specified permits in Thailand. To guarantee an easy installation procedure, it is essential to collaborate with skilled specialists which can be aware of the regulatory standards.

Technical Skills

It takes a sure degree of technical competence to put in solar panels. The method can be complex, regarding the whole lot from selecting the right form of panels to making sure they’re mounted and maintained properly.

Future Prospects for Solar Energy in Thailand

In Thailand, solar energy seems to have a promising destiny. More human beings and companies are predicted to use sun electricity because of the authorities’ ongoing assistance and the growing affordability of sun generation. Technological improvements in solar electricity, like higher panel performance and energy garage alternatives, will make sun power even more feasible.

In summary

Thailand offers a sturdy risk for financial savings, energy independence, and environmental sustainability with solar panel installation. Even with the difficulties, the blessings are significant, particularly while subsidized by using knowledgeable suppliers like Solar via Personet. Thailand’s power destiny might be substantially formed by way of sun panel installations as the nation keeps to include renewable power. By using the strength of the sun in Thailand can transition to a greener, more sustainable energy surroundings because of the sun.