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Skyworks Aeronautics Establishes South African Distribution Partner and Adds Another 15 Hawk 5 Gyroplanes to its Growing Order Book


Skyworks’ Hawk 5 Gyroplane from three different angles.

CHICAGO IL, U.S.A., November 29, 2023 /7Newswire/ — Skyworks Aeronautics Corp. (“Skyworks”), the global leader in gyronautics, announced that it has signed a sales and marketing distribution agreement with South African-based Classique Aviation. The distribution agreement covers the sales territory of the country of South Africa for Skyworks’ Hawk 5 Gyroplane. The agreement also comes with an LOI order for fifteen Hawk 5 aircraft.

The Future of Vertical Aviation

The Hawk 5 Gyroplane’s technology enables it to use a free-spinning rotor to supply lift and an airplane engine for thrust. Utilizing a pre-rotation system while on the ground, the Hawk 5 is capable of runway-independent operations. In flight, the unpowered rotor is always in autorotation, so in the unlikely event of an engine failure, the Hawk 5’s rotor continues to autorotate, providing a normal glidepath, keeping the pilot in complete control and enabling a very low speed landing.

Without the need for antitorque transmission systems, the Hawk 5 reduces both cost and complexity as well as significantly increases mission reliability. Furthermore, all of this provides operators with greater levels of safety. With its simple but sophisticated aircraft design, the Hawk 5 benefits from operating much like a fixed-wing aircraft, making it a true one-of-a-kind reliable aviation workhorse.

A close-up image of Skyworks’ Hawk 5 Gyroplane.

Mr. Arnold Louw, Director of Classique Aviation, stated, “We are excited to form part of this pathfinder journey with Skyworks in revolutionizing the aviation needs on the African continent.”

“We are immensely excited to introduce our Hawk 5 Gyroplane to the country of South Africa. This partnership with Classique Aviation is a groundbreaking step towards revolutionizing air travel in the region. The unique merits of gyroplanes, including their versatile flying capabilities, cost-efficiency, and in the specific case of our Hawk 5, zero-runway takes-offs and landings, make them an ideal fit for the diverse landscapes and infrastructure of South Africa,” added Skyworks Co-Founder and CEO, Brig. General (Ret) John E. Michel.

About Classique Aviation

Founded in 2002, Classique Aviation is a proudly South African aviation company that specializes in both Rotor & Fixed Wing solutions. Co-owners Mr. Hugo and Mr. Louw successfully acquired all shares which culminated in the rebranding and relaunch of Classique Aviation. Their core pillars are to provide safe, reliable, and quality air transport to individuals and corporations across South Africa and the wider African Continent.

About Skyworks Aeronautics

Skyworks Aeronautics is the world leader in the science and technology of gyronautics, focusing on the design and development of high-performance gyroplanes. Skyworks gyroplanes provide more affordable, safer, and higher-performance alternatives for runway-independent aircraft.

With more than 45 patents and several more underway, Skyworks is radically changing not only the way gyroplanes are perceived, but also the way they are utilized. From mass personnel transportation, agriculture, defense, police and border protection to changing the economies of developing nations, Skyworks’ goal is to change the nature of vertical flight. For more information about the company, its products, and individual members of the Skyworks team, visit www.skyworks-aero.com.

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