Simple Tips for Choosing the Best Trampoline


A trampoline in your backyard can completely change your life. Many people consider the trampoline as a toy equipment for kids only. But the use of trampoline is not limited to kids, it is also useful for adults. The trampoline provides a lot of fun to everyone and gives you an opportunity to spend good time with your family.

You can enjoy playing on trampoline with your kids but it must be of good quality. Only a good quality trampoline can give you safe jumping experience. Therefore it is important to choose the best trampoline for your backyard after check the expert’s trampoline reviews and knowing the pros and cons of those trampolines.

Simple Tips for Choosing the Best Trampoline in 2021

In order to choose the best trampoline, you have to check all high quality trampolines available for sale in present time. On the basis of experts’ recommendations and buying guideline, you can easily find a trampoline that meets your needs and perfectly fit in your backyard.

Now, we are going to explain some key points that you must check before you choose a trampoline for your family.

Trampoline Size & Required Space

The first and important thing is the size of the trampoline. You must measure the space available in your backyard. Based on the space availability, you should choose the trampoline size that fits perfectly in your backyard.

Kindly note that the trampoline must have at least 2 feet free space in all four directions after installation. If you have a large backyard, you should choose a 15 foot trampoline after checking the best trampoline reviews given by the experts.

Trampoline Shape

The trampolines are generally designed in round, rectangle, square and oval shapes. You should choose a round trampoline or oval trampoline if you want to save space and don’t want much higher bounces.

In case you want to experience higher bounces or perform gymnastic stunts/tricks then you must choose a rectangle trampoline or square trampoline. Because the rectangle/square trampoline has independently working springs that offer equal bouncing rate at any area of the jumping surface.

Trampoline Frame & Structure

The trampoline frame is the main base of the trampoline unit. When the frame is heavy duty and well structured, the trampoline remains steady and in place all the time. Make sure the trampoline frame has thick metal/steel tubes and has black powder coating to protect from rust, corrosion and other weather effects.

Number of Springs

The bouncing rate of a trampoline is dependent on the size and number of springs. If the trampoline has large springs and more number of springs then it will provide better and higher bounces.

You must check trampoline springs information before choosing the trampoline. Make sure the springs are tightly coiled and rust resistant so that they can provide good performance and long lasting use.

Trampoline Mat

The trampoline mat is the main jumping surface of the trampoline. Make sure the jumping mat is made of premium polypropylene or permatron material. Such high quality material with 6 to 10 numbers of row stitching will provide safe playing experience.

Make sure the trampoline mat is UV resistant so that it does not get affected by sunlight, UV rays and outdoor weather conditions.

Enclosure Net

The enclosure net provides 360 degree protection when kids are jumping on the trampoline. It prevents jumpers from falling out while playing. The safety net is made of polyethylene mesh material, make sure it is UV treated to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Spring Pad

The spring cover/pad hides all the springs and save the jumpers from falling on springs. Moreover, the spring pad protects the springs from sunlight, UV rays, dust and other weather effects. The spring cover is made of PVC and it has foam padding inside to keep the kids away from springs.

Weight Limit

You must check the total weight limit of a trampoline before buying it. The weight limit of a trampoline varies from 100 lbs to 550 lbs based on its size, shape, brand and other things. After buying a trampoline, you must not exceed its weight limit to avoid unexpected accidents and injuries.

Final Verdict:

In this way, you can find the best and most suitable trampoline for your family. It is strongly recommended that you should allow only one child/person at a time on your trampoline. This rule will keep your family safer and trampoline more durable.