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Shlomo Rechnitz’s Briushealth – A Hope for Hopeless


Brius Healthcare Services is a well-known name in the United States. Briushealth was founded in 2004. This nursing home supplies company has earned the respect and trust of the masses over the years. Initially, Shlomo Rechnitz, the owner of Briushealth sold supplies like latex gloves and wheelchairs. But, he founded a company named TwinMed, LLC with his brother Steve Rechnitz.

Briushealth kicked off in 2006 when Shlomo bought a nursing facility named Las Flores Convalescent Home, in Gardena, CA. This went on as Shlomo Rechnitz kept adding more nursing homes to his business. Soon, Briushealth had established roots throughout California.

Currently, Briushealth has 81 fully functional nursing homes in California. The sheer number of nursing homes is something impressive. But, what makes it even better is that the services offered at these facilities are top of the line. The patients and their families are given the due regard that they deserve while they are going through a rough patch in life. While other nursing homes cater to the medical needs of people, the staff at Briushealth aims to be both kind and professional. There is no compromise on the services that a patient needs. But, in addition to that, the staff makes sure to reach out on a deeper level and make the patients feel better.

Another thing that makes Briushealth a symbol of hope for people in the nursing industry is the employment opportunities. Briushealth is providing employment to more than 8,000 people present. This means that the company is helping the diseased and the distressed get the right treatment. But, it is also helping California by employing people and contributing to the economy.

The company originated in California, but it has now extended to other parts of the United States as well. There are care facilities in Nevada and Texas as well. Shlomo Rechnitz believes in quality healthcare, so the facilities in other States are remarkable too. This makes people trust Briushealth even more.

A quick comparison with other nursing home facilities tells that Briushealth has better beds and other supplies. There is a greater and quicker recovery rate of patients that receive care at Briushealth. So, it is preferred by people largely because of its top-notch facilities and amenities.

Shlomo Rechnitz, the owner of Briushealth, takes great care when it comes to quality assurance. He visits the sites often and checks the proceedings himself. This helps him connect with the patients and their families. It also helps him meet the people that work for him and tell them what he expects from his company. This way, there is an integrated network of nursing home facilities that offers the best healthcare services.

To add to this, the revenue generated from Briushealth goes to the service of humanity. The owner, Shlomo Rechnitz, is a dedicated philanthropist, who rises to the aid of people whenever needed. The profits from this company have gone to the welfare of the community at large.

Wrapping up, Briushealth is an incredible nursing care chain, which ranks first in the United States. Their services and care equipment sets them apart from other companies in the field. So, the people who are already suffering do not have to worry about healthcare quality when they choose Briushealth.