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Secure Your Business with Honeywell Commercial Alarm Systems


Do you know that the first commercial alarm system was installed in a New York jewelry store in 1858 by Edwin Holmes? Commercial alarm systems are electronic devices that are made to protect and secure your business from any unusual events. Such as any unauthorized entry, smoke, fire, water leak, and more.

It provides you with an alert for the mishap so that you can resolve the issue immediately. The most common types of commercial alarm systems are intrusion detection, fire detection, access control, video surveillance, and intercom systems. In this blog, we discuss the work of alarm systems, Honeywell commercial alarm systems, and their benefits for your business.

How do Alarm Systems Work?

Alarm systems work by following a simple process:


It is when you activate the system using the control panel, a remote control, a smartphone app, or a voice command. You can choose to arm the entire system, or only certain zones or sensors, as per your system. You can also set a delay time before the system is fully armed, which allows you and your employees to exit the premises.


This is when the system monitors the sensors and detects any changes or anomalies, such as a door or window opening, a motion or a sound, a smoke or a fire. The system can also monitor the cameras, and record or stream the video footage, depending on the system.


This is when the system alerts you, your team, or the emergency services, depending on the type and severity of the situation. By sounding the alarm, sending a notification, making a phone call, or displaying a message, the system alerts you. You can also choose to ignore, verify, or dismiss the alert.


This is when you deactivate the system, by the control panel, a remote control, a smartphone app, or a voice command. You can use a keycard, a code, a fingerprint, or a face scan. You can also set a delay time, before the system is fully disarmed, to allow you and your employees to enter the premises.

Honeywell Commercial Alarm Systems

In our day-to-day life, security and protection of your business from theft, vandalism, fire or other threats is very important. For that, Honeywell alarm systems can be your best choice. Honeywell, one of the best security brands, has commercial alarm systems, Honeywell alarm system manual, Honeywell home alarm systems, and more.

All these alarm systems help you to reduce your insurance costs and improve productivity. However, not all commercial alarm systems are created equal but as per your need, you can pick one. These systems have the latest sensors, cameras, control panels, and alarm devices, that can give you the best business security.

Some of the commonly known Honeywell alarm systems are PROA7 ProSeries 7 Inch All-In-One-Panel, Fire Protection System, and Home Security. The PROA7 is a highly scalable and customizable alarm system that serves as a central hub for security and life safety. It can be controlled with a 7-inch touchscreen, a smartphone app, or a voice command.

The Fire Protection Systems are a comprehensive and reliable alarm system that can detect and respond to fire and smoke. Home security is a versatile and affordable alarm system that protects your home or business from intruders. You can install and maintain these systems or can take the help of a professional.

Benefits of Honeywell Alarm Systems

With various features and functions, the Honeywell alarm system has the following benefits:

  • These alarm systems are compatible with a wide range of sensors and devices, using wired or wireless technology. It can support up to 250 zones or areas of protection.
  • These are easy to use and control, with a touchscreen or a keypad, a smartphone app, or a voice command.
  • These can be customized and personalized to fit your needs and preferences.
  • These are connected and monitored with a cellular or an internet connection.
  • These can alert you and your security team in case of any emergency.
  • These are integrated and smart, with cloud computing and artificial intelligence.
  • These can also work with other Honeywell products and services such as fire and life safety, access control, video surveillance, and intercom systems.

End Points!

After knowing the basic work, features, facilities, and benefits, you can use these commercial alarm systems for your business. All the features add more security to your business so that you can give your attention to other important things of your business. You can contact Backstreet Surveillance and upgrade your security style for best-in-market support and service.

Backstreet Surveillance, is one of the leading online platforms from where you can buy the Honeywell alarm system. Also, you can shop for business surveillance camera systems, cloud camera solutions, and residential security camera systems. If you have any queries then feel free to contact us.


  1. 1 From where I can buy the best Honeywell alarm systems?

Ans. You can shop from Backstreet Surveillance and get the best service and products.

  1. 2 How alarm systems can help me in my business?

Ans. For small or big businesses, alarm systems can not just save you money but also alert you from any unwanted happenings.

  1. 3 How many types of alarm systems are available in the market?

Ans. There are five types of alarm systems: fire alarm, wired alarm, wireless alarm, unmonitored alarm, and monitored alarm systems.