The overall size of the green tea market has been increased by owing to significant health benefits. Green tea allows you to get substantial benefits on regular consumption. Green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, just enough to increase your energy levels. Green tea is different from other beverages because of its antioxidants, especially EGCG which has proven to offer many health benefits. Using green tea for weight loss is also popular among people around the world. EGCG combined with caffeine can effectively boost metabolism and can increase the number of calories burned and help losing weight.

According to the Tea Association of the USA, green tea is considered as an important segment within the $2.58 billion speciality tea category. It represents about 15% of total consumption. Green tea is also highly regarded and rapidly growing worldwide, yet still finding its footing in American restaurants or homes.

Some scientific studies of past-day consumption reveal that about four in five consumers drink tea, but not daily, as well as not hot, but they are not nearly as likely to drink green tea as black. However, there is an increase in the percentage of total imports during the past five years.

There is a great need to know that green tea is getting popular with young people rather than the elders. Millennials are most likely to drink tea (87%), including green tea.

Global Growth of Green Tea

Green tea’s growing familiarity is due in part to promotions in foodservice. It has also appeared on most menus, especially in some fast-food chains. Moreover, it is viewed as healthy, natural, and non-alcoholic. The reason is that it blends with an infinite number of ingredients and is considered as the best alternative to carbonated soda.

An October report from GIA projects states that the green tea market will grow by $8.1 billion globally by 2025. Along with this, green tea bags also display the potential to grow at more than 6.3%. The U.S. will also maintain about 4.9% growth momentum during the next five years.

GIA predicts China as one of the world’s largest green tea producers. It is likely to become the world’s largest consumer of green tea in bag packaging. There is a great need to know that the package tea sales are expected to $2.2 billion by 2025, a compound growth rate of 8.5%.

Innovation in Green Tea

It is fascinating to know that green tea lattes, green iced teas, and sparkling green teas attest to the versatility of the style of tea. Green tea lends itself to florals like jasmine to some tropical flavours such as coconut, mango, papaya, or citrus.

It is essential to know that all the major tea company includes green teas in their lineup. Bigelow Tea introduced a matcha green with turmeric, and Stash Tea brought an Asian pear green tea blend and honeydew. Matcha is an ingredient used in baking, desserts, smoothies, ice cream. It is also dusted on many foods in order to add a natural caffeine kick.

Tama Sparkling Teas are known as a mango made with organic green tea. It also has variation as a peach pear as well as lemon lavender flavored green tea.

However, sparkling teas did well in 2019 and took a significant part in significant promotions by Pellegrino, PepsiCo, and Coke.

In December, Coca-Cola announced “Aha” as a new line of sparkling drinks. It is a drink with zero calories or sodium. The line also includes a citrus green tea and black cherry coffee by containing 30mg of caffeine.