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KeepStreams for Tubi Review: A Must-have for Tubi Fans


What Is Tubi?

Tubi is a streaming platform providing free services to users based in the US, Australia, New Zealand, a few Caribbean countries and the United Kingdom. Viewers have access to thousands of titles including fascinating movies and TV shows. The dominant advantage of Tubi is its free services. Understandably, to keep it functioning, Tubi has been in partnership with some streaming websites such as Paramount to get content from them. A direct result of this is that Tubi viewers will see ads in the middle of streaming.

Even more and more users are drawn to Tubi’s free offer, they start to come across the drawbacks of totally relying on Tubi. On the one hand, Tubi content is not available outside the countries and regions we just mentioned. On the other hand, as Tubi officially makes it clear to its viewers, Tubi does not support downloading. Also, it’s rare to see anyone who downloads the Tubi app on their PC.

What Is KeepStreams for Tubi?

If you are under these conditions, KeepStreams for Tubi is perhaps your top choice to watch Tubi more freely. KeepStreams is an amazing downloader to save videos from more than 2,000 streaming websites. KeepStreams for Tubi is one of its iconic products, designed solely to lift the restrictions of Tubi. All these inconveniences of Tubi we’ve presented will not be a problem for KeepStreams for Tubi.

What Does KeepStreams for Tubi Offer?

KeepStreams for Tubi is an above-average Tubi-exclusive downloader that serves the best for Tubi lovers. It’s not only a great match with Tubi, but also envisions the best offline watching experiences. Check the comparison between KeepStreams for Tubi and Tubi below.

As the frontrunner of Tubi downloaders, KeepStreams for Tubi takes a proactive approach to change the landscape of Tubi download. It employs state-of-the-art technology to enhance every aspect of saving videos. Let’s take a glance at other outstanding features of KeepStreams for Tubi.

  • Quality Download: The KeepStreams technical team is tuned in to Tubi viewers’ needs and therefore enormously improves the download quality with an emphasis on video quality, video codec and soundtracks. With KeepStreams for Tubi, users can download videos in 720p, H264 codec and AAC 2.0 sound channel. These make Tubi downloads a great leap forward in the offline watching experience.
  • Compatibility: KeepStreams for Tubi will transform Tubi videos into MP4/MKV formats for downloading, which means they can be played on almost any device. Even though KeepStreams for Tubi is currently not on iPhone, your Tubi downloads break the boundary of device availability.
  • User-friendliness: Apart from its user-friendly interface, KeepStreams for Tubi has made a monumental achievement in meeting Tubi lovers’ demands. Firstly, based on the Tubi users’ preferences, KeepStreams for Tubi adds the “batch download” feature. Once a Tubi episode is played on KeepStreams, all the following episodes and seasons will be detected, so that users can batch download up-to-100 videos a day. Secondly, since binge-watchers are the majority of KeepStreams users, KeepStream for Tubi allows the auto-synchronization of new releases of users’ favorite shows or series.
  • Rapid Download: Many users have encountered a slow download which is a dreadful challenge to their patience. This is not a problem for KeepStreams for Tubi. Owing to the cutting-edge technology applied in KeepStreams, users will experience an extremely rapid download five times faster than other downloaders.

What Do Users Say About KeepStreams?

KeepStreams is committed to offering a better option for downloading from streaming sites. As a recognized downloader, KeepStreams wins the hearts of global users. Let’s check the user comments and their impression of KeepStreams.

  • On a professional review platform Crozdesk, KeepStreams scores 71 out of 100. One of the proofs of the KeepStreams’ international orientation is that it supports many languages tailored to global viewers. Also, KeepStreams pays close attention to user experience, so it has perfected guides, tutorials and customer support.
  • User “rkbtqeyeyb” from alternativeto, an authority of downloader review, gave a 4 out of 5 rating. He thought KeepStreams is great because it offers multiple video quality and audio channels for him to customize.
  • 93 Reviews gave a 4.8 out of 5 rating on io, with most of them praising KeepStreams’ easy-to-use interface and sharing the wonderful downloading experiences.


KeepStreams for Tubi is an expert in downloading Tubi movies and shows. While many use the free streaming site Tubi, KeepStreams for Tubi is the perfect match. It’s recommended that viewers who want to save Tubi videos and share them with friends and family subscribe to KeepStreams pricing plans and enjoy KeepStreams downloading benefits. Join the global users of KeepStreams and experience a unique downloading!


Q1: Is Tubi Free and Legal?

A1: Yes. Tubi is entirely free and legal. The Tubi app is free to install. You don’t need to subscribe to Tubi plans or make any payments. If you were told to do so, it’s highly likely a fraud.

Q2: Can I Download from Tubi?

A2: Unfortunately, Tubi does not offer a downloading option. Nonetheless, you can use KeepStreams for Tubi to strip Tubi movies and shows.

Q3: Does Tubi Track Me?

A3: Tubi may collect information such as your geolocation or transaction of your device to improve its algorithm and optimize its recommendations to you.