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Johny Gunawan, Founder of Hartanah Group On How To Manage Your Wealth


NEW YORK, NY– It is challenging to find the right investment opportunity in the current chaotic economic environment. There is so much happening that it is challenging to keep track of everything. One wrong investment move is based on incomplete or false information, and you may end up losing your entire fortune.

Johny Gunawan, the Hartanah Group founder, is one of Asia Pacific’s top Wealth Management experts that helps people by offering expert financial advice. He has worked hard to grow and become successful during these challenging times and offers experienced-based sound advice. Johny understands how complicated the financial market can be, especially for individuals new to the market, and provides tips and tricks that he uses.

He is a serial entrepreneur and leader who has been building and developing businesses since 2002. Johny is an expert in finance and personal development and is an active member of several NGO, Financial, and Career organizations. He started his venture with 7G Wealth, which is a wealth consultant company. This company grew owing to its success to become Hartanah Group that offers financial and wealth management advice to various businesses.

Johny believes that Indonesia will grow very quickly in the coming years as it is rich in natural resources. Renowned professional institutions like Mckinsey Consulting, Standard Chartered Bank, and Price Water house Cooper predict that Indonesia will improve its economy and become the fourth-largest economy in the world. This economic growth will pose several obstacles for companies in terms of managing their businesses. The Hartanah Group wants to help various companies move forward with excellence by introducing international standard financial services and products.

The company was started as a wealth management consultant, based on its founder’s concern for Indonesia’s economic conditions. Indonesia has many financial services and products but does not have world-class standards for managing people’s wealth.

Johny wants to coach their clients about the process of creating wealth, how to apply it, and delivering products and services as a complete solution. Hartanah Group operates with this as its guiding principle.

Hartanah Group offers different product services such as KoperasiKonsumen Hartanah Makmur Sentosa. This company comes as a fully licensed Cooperative company in Indonesia that provides savings opportunities with definite benefits. The cooperative company helps members to earn a regular income and with the concept of Hybrid Cooperatives.

The second service the company offers is Hartanah CerdasBangsa. It focuses on business education, especially for investors and entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on wealth creation. Not only does the service provide clients with real-world benefits, but it also teaches them to have the right mindset.

The third service that the company offers is HappFund. This aspect of the business is engaged in Fintech, a crowdfunding medium for business owners and investors alike. The crowdfunding system has great potential in Indonesia, so Happfund focuses on helping micro, small and medium enterprises manage their businesses. Hartanah Group also protects clients’ capital by using hedging strategies and automated trading services. They have a success rate of consistent profit of over 20% in USD annually over the past three years and starting to attract international clients from all over the world.

Johny faced three different challenges when starting the company: technology, business management, and leadership. Indonesia’s economy is on the verge of a breakthrough and is sensitive. It isn’t easy to build trust and maintain a track record while bringing clients up with a mutual understanding. However, the future’s looking good for Hartanah Group, and Johny plans to expand his business in other Indonesian cities. He wants to provide the best possible solution for Indonesia’s wealth and financial management.

With the sole motive of helping his fellow Indonesians and the country’s economy, Johny wants to make a difference. He wants to set up financial opportunities and structures which are at par with international standards while himself growing at a steady pace.

If you want to keep up with the man behind Hartanah Groups, then you can head over to his website, as well as follow him on his Instagram pages.

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