Humanities was not a prevalent field until several years ago. Gone are the days when students could hardly get any Humanities courses in India.  Now there are diverse areas where students can easily get career opportunities.  The field throws light on the religion, culture, art, history that has shaped the modern world. So let us look on a broader level what a humanities stream student can take all after 12th?

Humanities syllabus at different phases in life

Humanities syllabus and subjects vary at a different level of studies.

  • At the school level, 11th and 12th humanities syllabus is studied under the Arts Stream. The other two preferred streams are Commerce and Science.
  • After 12th, in Graduation, one can take up a bachelor’s degree in various Humanities and art courses such as BA in English/History or Political Science.
  • After graduating from a bachelor degree in social science, at postgraduate level, students can opt for an MA in Economics/Political Science/ Linguistics or English Literature.
  • There are also several colleges and universities in India offering PhD in this field.

Courses that can be taken in the Humanities field

The varied courses allow students to pick from any of their interest areas. Few of the graduation courses are listed below:

  • Humanities and Social science – 3 years
  • Psychology- 3 years
  • Business & law- 5 years
  • Mass Communication & Journalism- 3 years
  • Fashion designing- 3 years

Students who want to go for higher studies can opt for post-graduation in respective fields. Rest can apply for job profiles and career options described below in subsequent paragraphs.

Career Options

Once you enter the field of Humanities, there is no looking back. There are a wide range of job profiles you can look at once you finish your Humanities courses. Here is the list of few of them:

  • Teaching profession- The major job role after Humanities studies is being recruited as a teacher in school or professor in any reputed college/university.
  • Historian- The work of the historian is undoubtedly related to history. They tend to research and analyse the history from the records.
  • Many Indians prefer fashion designers – Right from making designs to preparing the final outfit.
  • Journalism- be it any reporter or editor in a news channel, Journalism course is a must. They dig down to collect the facts and actual news happening in and around the world.
  • Geologist- For any natural disruption such as earthquake, volcanoes or floods, a geologist is behind its study.

These are some of the major job roles, and apart from these, there are Statistician, Editor, park Interpreter, Cultural Anthropologist, Oceanographer and many more.

Points to be noted

Humanities and Social science are different, but amalgamating both can bring a wide range of study as well as a career option. The 12th Humanities syllabus in school or college level is pertaining to what students study under the arts stream. It is more of a theoretical subject wherein higher studies and research is possible.  The main focus on Humanities courses are Literature, History, Religion, Philosophy and Art.